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Real-Life Lost Treasures Like on Outer Banks

Hooked on Netflix's Outer Banks? Here Are 6 Real-Life Lost Treasures You Can Search For

Real-Life Lost Treasures Like on Outer Banks
Image Source: Netflix

Netflix's popular series Outer Banks takes viewers on a $400 million gold treasure hunt with John B and his gang of "Pogues," aka the kids of the working class on the islands. With a charming Southern beach setting, many twists and turns, and that lost treasure, the show is the perfect summer binge. While it left viewers with a wild cliffhanger as John B and Sarah Cameron head to the Bahamas, it's worth noting that the treasure at the heart of season one isn't real. But if you love mysteries, there are plenty of real-life lost treasures in the world that have yet to be found. Whether you just like reading about them or are feeling inspired to try and track one down, keep reading for six real-life lost treasures that are still out there somewhere . . .

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