Venus in Pisces Wants to Turn Your Love Life Into a Romance Movie

Feeling dreamy and romantic lately? There's a reason, and it's written in the stars (and planets). Venus is in Pisces from Jan. 26 to Feb. 20, 2023, so you can expect some romantic shifts in your love life just in time for Valentine's Day.

This transit is a big deal because Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means "the planet's aspects become positively enhanced by the zodiac sign's qualities," explains astrologer Liz Simmons. Venus loves to be in Pisces, and you'll feel the effects not just in your love life but also in the other areas that Venus rules, like money, beauty, and creativity.

During this transit, "we are more likely to bask in the innocence of our infatuations and become whisked away by the mere art of seduction," says astrologer and soul coach Valerie Mesa. Venus in Pisces, she says, "is the epitome of unconditional love."

When it comes to love, "Venus in Pisces will feel kind of like a Hallmark movie," Simmons says. You might feel like you're in a dreamy romance, more hopeful about and attuned to your love life and your partners. It's a good time to put yourself out there if you're single, Simmons says, or to start creating a dream life with a partner. But as tempting as it is to get caught up in the fantasy of it all, make sure to keep one foot on the ground to avoid overidealizing a partner or relationship. Venus in Pisces is a dreamy time for love, "but we cannot let this get in the way of ignoring any potential red flags," Simmons says.

Venus in Pisces may also influence your sense of style and fashion, inspiring you to decorate your body and space with more whimsy and enchanting beauty — think "light colors, soft palettes, and shimmers," Simmons says. ("Angel eyes" makeup, anyone?) In general, feel free to lean into your creative side, wherever it's leading you. "Since Venus is coruled by Jupiter and Neptune, this can be an exceptionally artistic transit," Simmons says. "If you want to paint, sing, write, or do something else that's creative, then this is the time to experiment with your passion projects."

And, since Venus rules your wallet, money "will likely come and go throughout this transit," Simmons adds. You might experience an unexpected windfall (a surprise check, or a friend treating you just because), "but since Venus in Pisces only ever accepts what it needs, there might be a financial flow that comes to and from you." Go with that flow, but remember to stay mindful of your financial opportunities and partnerships. "Venus in Pisces can lack boundaries," Simmons explains, so she recommends taking getting an expert opinion on any forms, deals, and contracts that come up during this transit.

As Venus moves through Pisces, here are some key dates to keep an eye on:

  • Feb. 4: Venus in Pisces will square Mars in Gemini. This can be a tense square, as Venus often feels more intuitive and heart-focused when it comes to commitments and relationships, while Mars is more about thinking things through. "We may feel like there are more issues than usual with taking a leap of faith," Simmons says, "since it could be challenging to distinguish intuition from anxiety." Communication might be tough, too. "If it's too much to handle, let the mutable aspect of this square put off any decisions for another day," Simmons advises.
  • Feb. 15: Venus in Pisces will conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Venus and Neptune will be in harmony, which can lead to hopeful feelings about love, beauty, and money. This conjunction "will likely amplify the romantic energy on Valentine's Day," Simmons says. "Visions of what could be will dance before our eyes, so this will be a highly imaginative transit." Enjoy the emotional high, but remember to stay grounded in reality. "Find the fine line between fantasy and reality to enjoy this transit without getting lost in its hazy effects," Simmons says.

Venus's transit through Pisces is an especially beautiful time for love, money, and style, so you might feel like getting swept up in this transit, but "it's important to stay close to the shore," Mesa explains. "We could go too deep too soon, missing the red flags and succumbing to the unrealistic fantasy we told ourselves."

"Venus in Pisces tends to wear rose-colored glasses," Simmons agrees. So as much as you might be getting cosmic cues during this transit (think: finding the exact right song for your love life or the perfect piece of decor while thrifting), these special moments "could also come across as confirmation bias if we're not careful," Simmons says. Check in with yourself frequently: is everything really falling into place just so, or are you ignoring a few warning signs? Balance that Venusian magic with a bit of reality when you can.

Everyone will be affected by this transit, but you can look at your birth chart to better understand how the energy of Venus in Pisces might affect you. For one, anyone with a Pisces sun, moon, or rising sign may feel this more strongly than most, Mesa says. Ditto for those with Mars or Venus in Pisces. If you have a Virgo or Scorpio rising sign, you'll likely also feel the influence of this transit, since Venus will be touching down in your seventh house of marriage and commitments or your romantic fifth house of passion, respectively.