Did You Know You Can Add Multiple Photos to an Instagram Story? Here's How to Do It

If you've been wanting to step up your Instagram Stories game lately but aren't sure how, we've got the hack for you: you can now add multiple photos to a Story at the same time! I mean, why wouldn't you want to showcase six different angles of your beautiful avocado toast or new hairstyle? Exactly.

TikToker @jessicawangofficial explained this Instagram Story hack in a video, and it's actually very simple. First, create a video or photo to your Story like normal. Then, click on the sticker button (the one that looks like a square smiley face with one corner pulling up). Slide down until you see a camera-roll button, which features a tiny circular thumbnail of the last picture in your camera roll. From there, select a picture to add. You can adjust the size with your fingers, then adjust the size of the original photo or video you took. Add as many more photos as you want, arranging them in whatever size and position you want with your fingers.

A few things to note: Although @jessicawangofficial added multiple videos to her Story this way, I was only allowed to upload one video — the first one to my Story like normal — and then several pictures. It's unclear if this is a feature only certain people get, if it's a feature that's no longer working (this TikTok was posted in June 2020), or if it's a feature that we will all be able to do soon. Also, several commenters noted that this multiple-photos feature was only available for iPhones.

Either way, this hack is perfect for mixing up IGS! It's a much more aesthetically pleasing way to post that's also less time-consuming for my friends (no more tapping a bunch of times to get through all the photos).