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3D Ghost Halloween Nail Art

Zoom In on This White Manicure to See a Creepy Halloween Surprise

We're putting the final touches on our Zombie Princess Jasmine costume, but thanks to YouTube, we finally know what to do with our nails this Halloween: 3D-ghost nail art!

This spooky manicure comes from PiggieLuv, a 27-year-old nail artist with some serious skills. She warns viewers that re-creating a horror movie scene with gel nail polish was very difficult at first as she initially couldn't figure out how to smooth out the manicure's surface enough to make the face and hands stand out. But with the help of black foil gel, the frightening fingertips were complete.

Watch the video above to see how PiggieLuv created this awesomely creepy 3D-ghost manicure and follow along at home . . . if you're brave enough.

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