The "'90s Natural" Hair Color Is Effortlessly Chic

There's truly a hair-color trend out there for everyone. If you favor big, bold looks, the "Gemini" trend may be just what you're looking for. However, if you fall into the camp of minimal beauty trends, a new look emerging from TikTok called the "'90s natural" hair-color trend may be more your speed.

As the name suggests, "'90s natural" is all about effortless, born-with-it hair color. It is traditionally featured on a light brunette or dark-blond base with a mix of highlights and lowlights to add dimension to the overall shade. Picture Cindy Crawford combined with Jennifer Aniston circa the 1990s with their flowing, natural-looking hair color.

Keep reading for more information on the "'90s natural" hair-color trend from a pro.

What Is '90s Natural Hair Color?

"'90s natural" is a dimensional brunette with blond highlights painted through the head. This color works on all skin tones and hair types and can be adjusted by your stylist to better fit you, making it hard to go wrong. Of course, if your existing shade is much darker — like a jet-black or deep chocolate-brown — your base color will need to be lightened slightly. However, if your starting shade is a dark blond to light-medium brown, you should be able to reach '90s natural level with the addition of a few strategic highlights.

"If you want this hair-color trend, you should start by bringing your hair colorist a picture of your favorite '90s hair-color muse," Katie Manselle, hairstylist and owner of Culture Hair Studio in Durham, NC, tells POPSUGAR. "If it is something like Cindy Crawford or Jennifer Anniston, your colorist will likely focus on some highlights around your face for a noticeably open look and blend the rest of your hair into your desired shade with a gloss or two."

How to Maintain the '90s Natural Hair Color at Home

By nature, this hair-color trend is fairly low maintenance. But, of course, how frequently you need to go back to the salon depends on your natural hair color, as your roots may need touching up. However, in between appointments, you can use an at-home gloss, glaze, or color-depositing mask to maintain the lighter hues in your hair.

Manselle also recommends a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner as sulfates "aggressively cleanse hair, thereby actually fading color and making color appear more shallow." She loves the Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo ($49) and Conditioner ($52) for this reason.

'90s Natural Hair-Color Trend Inspiration

"'90s Natural" Hair-Color Inspiration

Here's the process for getting the "'90s natural" hair-color trend on light brown hair.

"'90s Natural" Hair-Color Inspiration

This "'90s natural" color is a bit darker, making it perfect for those starting with deep brunette hair.

"'90s Natural" Hair-Color Inspiration

The base of this color leans more dirty blond but still works well with the '90s natural trend.