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Best Tinted Moisturizers of 2023

17 Best Tinted Moisturizers That Fuse Skin Care and Makeup

Best Tinted Moisturizers of 2023
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Tinted moisturizer is one of our all-time favorite base makeup products. While no tinted moisturizer formula is the same, they tend to be more lightweight and breathable than most foundations and offer multipurpose benefits like hydration, a higher SPF factor, and a more natural-looking finish. Plus, there's a wide range of coverage options, from sheer, which subtly enhances your natural skin, to medium-to-full coverage options that'll satisfy makeup maximalists. Ahead, Sara Talias, a professional makeup artist, explains what tinted moisturizer is and how to choose the perfect formula for you.

What Is Tinted Moisturizer?

"Tinted moisturizer is a lightweight base that subtly corrects the skin and offers extra skin-loving benefits," says Talias. "Many tinted moisturizers contain SPF, which is a great option for daily wear, so you get sun protection and light coverage in one product." [Editor's note: You should still be wearing a layer of sunscreen underneath for optimal protection.] "Also, many tinted moisturizers boast radiance-boosting qualities for a glowy finish."

How to Choose the Perfect Tinted Moisturizer For You

"When choosing a tinted moisturizer, I recommend finding one with the perfect mix of benefits for your skin concerns," Talias says. Not to overwhelm you, but no tinted moisturizer is the same — some are full of hydrating ingredients to quench dry skin, others promote an ultra-dewy finish, and some have a high SPF factor to reinforce your sun protection. That said, the expert notes, "it's important to check the different properties of the tinted moisturizer" to ensure it's the right fit for you because not all will be. For example: "If your skin gets oily during the day, skip tinted moisturizer with extra radiance, as it will likely become too shiny," she says.

Another important factor to consider is coverage. Similar to foundation, they offer different coverage options, including sheer, light, medium, and though rarer, full. A sheer-to-light formula will enhance the natural appearance of your skin, whereas a medium-to-full coverage tinted moisturizer will also conceal. You'll also want to look out for the word "buildable," which means you can achieve more coverage as you layer the product. If you already have an idea of what you're looking for, you can skip to the one you're most interested in below to survey our favorites.

Prefer to consider all of your options? Keep scrolling to check out our complete guide to the best tinted moisturizers of 2023.

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