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Halsey's Red Hair Channels Marilyn Monroe

Halsey Is Having a "Marilyn Mon-Red Moment" With Her New Hairstyle

Halsey's Red Hair Channels Marilyn Monroe

Halsey is channeling Marilyn Monroe with their latest hairstyle and color. The musician posted a picture on Instagram and their hair was dyed a warm, strawberry-red color with dark roots and styled into short curls.

Captioning the photo "a Marilyn Mon-red moment? 💋," Halsey looked every bit like the muse they were channeling, and took the transformation up a notch with a subtle winged liner and a punchy red lip color. The singer has been experimenting with different hair colors over the last few years and has been seen in everything from a Pamela Anderson blond to, more recently, a fluorescent-yellow wig while performing at Fuji Rock Festival.

Halsey joins a long list of celebrities that have been going bold with their hair colors this year. That list also includes Karol G, J Balvin, and Laverne Cox, just to name a few, so it would come as no surprise if you're suddenly starting to feel a little inspired to make a big hair-color change of your own. However, if you're not quite ready to have as bold of a transformation as some of the aforementioned stars, start off by trying some subtle colors that will enhance your look — instead of drastically change it. Colors like buttery blond, glossy black, and reverse highlights are perfect to ease you into your new look.

Take a closer look at Halsey's hair below.

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