Bridesmaid Nail Ideas For Every Type of Wedding

Let's be real: weddings can be a lot of work — and that's not just if you're the bride. Accepting the role of bridesmaid comes with its own list of expectations and responsibilities, from the big stuff like planning the bachelorette party and your dress to the smaller details like coordinating how you'll do your hair and nails. When it comes to the latter, it's worth noting that bridesmaid nails don't have to be boring or basic – you can play with the latest trends and still be "bridal-appropriate."

The role of a bridesmaid has undergone a bit of a transformation in recent years. Many people are opting to let their bridal party pick their own dresses so they're wearing something they're comfortable in, and the same rings true for their hair, makeup, and nails. Sometimes the bride will share perimeters and guidelines for what to get; others will leave it up to you. If they don't care, first, say thank you — and then you can begin your research of bridesmaid nail ideas.

Bridesmaid nails can be whatever you want them to be — it all depends on the bride's preference and the overall vibe of the wedding. In general, subtle and understated is always a safe route to go. You want to look nice, but not too nice. Minimal beauty is on the up and up so there are plenty of trendy nail designs to choose from. While you can stick with the classics — beige nails or your standard pink nails — there are far more interesting nail-art styles to choose from that are still safe. This includes options like Hailey Bieber's famous "glazed-doughnut" nails and the "milk-bath" nail trend. French manicures in the traditional nude-and-white color scheme are another great option — they're very on trend right now, but also a classic. Alternatively, if you're looking for winter or fall bridesmaid nails, a classic red manicure may be fitting.

To get inspiration for bridesmaid nail designs, keep scrolling. (Remember: no matter what style you decide to go with, it's never a bad idea to run it past the bride.)

Glazed-Doughnut Bridesmaid Nails

Glazed-doughnut nails in a subtle, baby-pink shade are a great idea for bridesmaid nails.

Floral Bridesmaid Nails

Using two nails as accent fingers is a great way to incorporate a design while still keeping it subtle.

French Tip Bridesmaid Nails

The classic french manicure is always a great choice for bridesmaid nails.

Milk-Bath Bridesmaid Nails

White milk-bath nails are a safe option that will match with everything.

Floral Bridesmaid Nails

If the bride doesn't care if you add a pop of color to your manicure, this floral design on a neutral base is perfect for spring and summer.

Vanilla French Bridesmaid Nails

A vanilla french manicure has bridesmaid nails written all over it.

Red Bridesmaid Nails

Fall and winter weddings with a moody vibe are a great time to wear red bridesmaid nails.

Pink Bridesmaid Nails

A soft-pink manicure looks great on long and short bridesmaid nails.

Side-Tip French Bridesmaid Nails

Instead of a classic french tip, you can mix it up by doing a side-tip design.

Ombré Bridesmaid Nails

These ombré nails will look beautiful no matter what color your dress is.

Abstract Bridesmaid Nails

For a modern wedding, these abstract swirl designs could make great bridesmaid nails.