Doja Cat Is Making a Case For "Money Piece" Highlights in Summer

If you thought "money piece" highlights were made for the cooler-weather months — given they are the opposite of easy and breezy to maintain — think again. The perfect example: Doja Cat first debuted her take on the popular hair trend in March but is continuing to wear the look well into summer. She dyed the frontmost face-framing pieces a bright platinum blond to contrast the rest of her dark-brown hair and flipped the ends inward to add even more of a '90s feel.

Money-piece highlights have been on our beauty wishlist since Beyoncé gave the bold hair-dye technique a whirl back in 2019. Since then, numerous celebrities have followed suit, including Ciara, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Zoey Deutch, to name just a few. Dyeing those face-framing sections of hair a lighter color strategically draws attention to and almost contours the face; they're also far easier to maintain than all-over highlights.

Since making the color change, the "Freaky Deaky" rapper has circulated evidence of her hair transformation all over social media, sharing a series of Instagram selfies, TikTok videos, and Twitter clips to show off her new retro look look.

Doja Cat rarely wears her naturally curly hair as is, rotating instead through colorful wigs and edgy haircuts for her shows, red carpet appearances, and music videos. She's seemingly experimented with every color of the rainbow, including fiery red, bubblegum pink, slime green, and, earlier this year, an amethyst purple for her 2022 Super Bowl commercial. Read on to take a look at her comparatively low-key hair transformation, and stay tuned for more inevitable hair-color changes to come.