Show Off Your Makeup Skills This Halloween With a Cool Giraffe Costume

While there are a ton of options to choose from when it comes to Halloween costumes, dressing up as a cute animal is always a popular choice. From cute cats to fierce foxes, not only are animal costumes versatile, but they're also easy to create using only makeup. The only issue is that some of these costumes are so popular that they tend to become a tad overdone. That's why we love giraffe costumes for Halloween.

Though there's truly no shame in showing up to a party as the seventh person in a dog costume, sometimes it's fun to go with a Halloween look that really stands out. Giraffes are eloquent, beautiful creatures, and their spots make for a distinct look. While it may seem far-fetched to accomplish, executing giraffe makeup is not as hard as it seems. To make it even easier, you can also just go with a giraffe face and not a full-body look.

So grab your favorite highlighter and some body paint, and keep scrolling to learn how to achieve the best giraffe costume for Halloween using just makeup.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Sparkly Eyeshadow With Giraffe Spots

Put on a glossy brown lip, white shimmery eyeshadow, and some spots across your cheeks and forehead, and you'll be the chicest giraffe around. Not to mention, styling your hair in two buns with gold string is the perfect way to replicate the creature's pointed ears.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Brown With Gold Accents

Add a touch of glam to your typical giraffe spots by incorporating gold eyeshadow into the look.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Half-Face Coverage

Take an abstract approach to the Halloween look by making one half of your face a classic makeup look and the other half giraffe spots. For an even bolder look, go half-and-half with brown lipstick and a brown nose.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Floating Giraffe Eyeliner

Show off your eyeliner skills with a floating giraffe-print design. Add some color on your bottom lash line to make your eyes pop even more.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Giraffe Spots With Eyeshadow

Go for a neutral, clean base, and let the giraffe spots be the stars of the show, like this creator did.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Giraffe-Print Cat Eyes

Dramatic cat-eye liner on top of color eyeshadow makes this giraffe makeup look high fashion. Instead of going traditional, it gives the look an abstract feel.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Abstract Giraffe Eyeliner

If you're not into full giraffe face makeup, focus the spots on your eyelids, and pair it with brown lipstick for a glam twist.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Giraffe Eyeshadow

Adding a smoky cut crease to your giraffe-print eyeshadow makes the look wearable outside of Halloween.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Giraffe Face and Body Makeup

Nail your giraffe costume with easy contouring, emphasizing the nose and cheeks, to really get that chiseled effect.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Giraffe-Print Eyeliner

Giraffe-print eyeliner combined with a brown wing is the perfect way to make a statement without having to do your whole face.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Chunky Giraffe Eyeshadow

If a cut crease is a little too advanced for you, try a sharp eyeshadow look using two different colored cream pencils. Complete the look with brown, glossy lipstick and some highlighter.

Giraffe Makeup Idea: Full-Body Giraffe Spots

Go all out with your giraffe makeup by applying spots to your face and extending them down your neck to your chest. Since giraffes have prominent lashes, add a bold pair of fake ones to really nail the look.