Easy Bun Hairstyles to Add to Your Mood Board

If there's one thing we now know for sure, it's that being self-sufficient with our beauty and self-care routines is never a bad thing. When it comes to hair care, that could mean streamlining the number of hair products you use, shampooing less often, and utilizing quick hairstyles as often as possible. With the latter, one of the easiest looks in just about everybody's arsenal? A hair bun style.

"Bun hairstyles," "braid bun hairstyles," and "high bun hairstyles" were among Pinterest's most-searched terms this last year, and for good reason: it doesn't get much simpler. It's also become increasing popular in recent months, thanks to countless celebrities trying the hair trend and recreating Pamela Anderson's iconic messy updo. Still, while hair bun styles are some of the easiest to do at home in a pinch, there are so many different iterations you can try. From low buns to high buns to side buns and everything in between, the options are endless.

If you're looking for cute bun hairstyle inspiration for beginners and beyond, we've rounded up some easy hair tutorials to help you recreate the look at home. No matter your preference or style of choice, these hair buns will get you through your morning routine and onto Zoom (or into the office) without a hassle.

Additional reporting by Balim Tezel

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Hair Bun Styles: Low-Bun Chignon

The chignon is an easy low bun hairstyle that anyone can master with the right tools, and this hair tutorial gives you three options: a sleek low knotted bun, a low messy bun, and a low twisted doughnut bun. No matter your preference, each one is perfect for formal events like weddings and can even take you to work as well.

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Hair Bun Styles: Easy Bun Hairstyles

Looking for a great hair bun style for busy students running to class? Try these options. This hair tutorial features four cute bun hairstyle ideas, including an everyday messy bun, a topknot, a fan bun, and a crossover low bun.

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Hair Bun Styles: Braided Bun Hairstyles

Box braids are already one of the most versatile protective styles out there, but incorporating it into a braided bun hairstyle gives the look extra oomph. The only product you'll need for these easy hairstyles is an extra-long hair tie.

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Hair Bun Styles: Messy Topknot

This quick and easy one minute bun is perfect for anyone in a rush who doesn't have time to wash their hair. You'll need only a few products on hand: a dry shampoo, two hair ties, a few bobby pins, and your favorite hairspray. We don't know about you, but we could use this timesaver.

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Hair Bun Styles: Half-Up, Half-Down Bun

The half bun hairstyle in this video requires a little braiding and bobby pins, but can still be done in a pinch. The bun is trendy, extremely easy to do, and is perfect for casual dinner and drinks with friends.

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Hair Bun Styles: Curly Hair Bun

There's a reason so many people search for "bun hairstyles for Black hair," and it's because not all bun looks are easy to recreate on natural textures. This curly bun hair tutorial is the exception. The key to getting the finish you want, without the strain? A good leave-in conditioner or curl cream to add extra moisture and a good detangling brush.

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Hair Bun Styles: Doughnut Bun

Doughnut buns will never go out of style for us. All you need is a thick elastic and a hair bun maker to make any style — from formal buns to side bun hairstyles to space buns — achievable in an instant.

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Hair Bun Styles: High Bun on Curly Hair

This sleek, curly high bun with baby hairs is perfect for looking put together for an early 8am class. Just comb out the front section of hair upward with a brush, avoiding the ends, then apply hair gel to smooth it out. Secure with an elastic, and wrap the remaining hair before securing with another smaller elastic to keep the style in place.

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Hair Bun Styles: Space Bun, Braided Bun, and More

From braided buns, space buns, and faux buns: The versatility of bun hairstyles are on full display in this tutorial.