These Half-Face Halloween Makeup Ideas Are Equal Parts Scary and Gorgeous

Go ahead and forget about putting together a head-to-toe Halloween costume, because it's all about fierce half-face makeup looks this year. This bone-chillingly beautiful beauty trend allows for endless possibilities. Not to mention, it looks as good on Zoom as it does in person, making it perfect for in-person or online gatherings. While some of the biggest celebrities rocked this look in the past (hello, Gigi Hadid), for 2022, prepare to see this beauty craze taken to a place it's never been before.

With movies and shows like "Hocus Pocus 2," "Halloween Ends," and "Smile" making their rounds in pop culture discourse, inspiration for your half-face Halloween makeup definitely won't be hard to come by. Still, if you need a starting point, think anything from a half-dead Rhaenyra Targaryen from "House of the Dragon" to galaxy looks that'll have everyone you pass seeing stars.

Even though it's the spookiest time of the year, half-face Halloween makeup is so versatile, you can do it for any themed makeup party, scary or not. In the past, popular half-face Halloween looks have included things like melting ice-cream-cone designs, serene views of the beach at night, and funny meme re-creations. As we said, the options are truly endless.

If you're feeling inspired, gaze your eyes upon these half-face makeup looks that are equal parts scary and beautiful to prepare yourself for Oct. 31. Whether you have a costume or not, store a few of these looks in your back pocket for a last-minute idea.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Skeleton

Flex your abstract makeup artistry skills with this fun skeleton half-face Halloween makeup idea. Keep your line work bold and fluid to make each line really pop.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Alien Animal

This cheshire cat half-face makeup is equal parts ethereal and terrifying. Play up the spooky factor of this look by keeping the colors dark and bold.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Frankenstein's Monster

This Frankenstein half-face makeup look can easily double as your full Halloween costume. Add a touch of glam to the look by doing your eyeshadow in the same tone as the body paint used, as seen here.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Skeleton

Half-face makeup doesn't have to be so literal. Keep things simple by painting one section of the face in a hard-to-miss theme.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Spider Eye

Looking for a simple half-face Halloween makeup idea? You can never go wrong with a "spider eye."

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Dead Daenerys

Whether you're a "Game of Thrones" or "House of the Dragons" fan, you simply have to try this dead Daenerys half-face makeup look. Not only is it a scene stealer but you're sure to attract new friends who are also fans of both shows — a win-win.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Dead Skin Skeleton

Get gory by incorporating special effects into your half-face Halloween makeup. This look combines skulls and dead skin for a particularly terrifying take on the look.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Spider-Man

Looking to shout out your favorite superhero with your half-face Halloween makeup? Include a key characteristic of their costumes, like the fun take on the Spider-Man suit seen here.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Gory Pumpkin

Halloween and pumpkins go hand in hand. Therefore, you will never miss the mark if you make your half-face Halloween makeup pumpkin-themed. Talk about an easy hack, right?

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Skeleton

This skeleton half-face Halloween makeup and corresponding costume couldn't be more perfect.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Lightning Bolt

What's striking, yet equally terrifying? Lightning bolts. It doesn't take much to pull this half-face Halloween makeup together, so it makes an easy, last-minute look if you're in a rush.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Terminator

If you really want to flex your makeup skills, try something a bit more complicated, like this Terminator makeup look. Add a bit of gore by adding fake blood on the edges.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Wolf

A wolf is another easy costume idea that can be perfect for your half-face Halloween makeup. Add hair-like strokes to give the appearance of fur.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Black Hole

If you're not a fan of gore, glam up your half-face Halloween makeup by going for a "black hole" theme. Give everything from your lips to the eyes a deeper, more sultry finish by using black and other darker tones.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Alien

Another quintessential half-face Halloween makeup look? Aliens. The look perfectly straddles the line between scary and intriguing, so creating it with a half-face design increases that care factor.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Frankenstein

Frankenstein half-face Halloween makeup doesn't have to mean painting your full face green. Draw on the iconic Frankenstein stitches and green paint around the edges of your face for an easily recognizable look.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Crawling Spider

Another half-face look that doesn't include face paint? This gorgeous 3D spider design. Play with shadows to make your's hyper-realistic.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Gray Skin

Whether you're channeling zombies or a quintessential black-and-white film, this grayed out half-face Halloween makeup look allows you to really story-tell.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Black Pumpkin

Another way to incorporate pumpkins into your half-face Halloween makeup? Sprawling black lines to really capture the "old and rotting" effect.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Orange Eye

Halloween makeup can also feel whimsical and pretty. If that's more your vibe, this intricate orange floral eye makeup will add a flair to your look without taking you out of your comfort zone.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Creepy Clown

Clown makeup will always be menacing, so why not take it up a notch by adding a bloody line to separate your half-face makeup from the rest of your face?

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Outer Space

Want to take your galaxy makeup up a notch? Paint the majority of your face in your preferred starry theme, and you'll subsequently also be creating the perfect contrast for the rest of your normal makeup.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Lightning Bolt

Add an avant-garde flair to your lightning-bolt makeup by incorporating bold colors, like the purples and pinks seen here.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Magical Wand

Channel the magic of Halloween night with this easy magic wand half-face Halloween makeup. The main thing you'll need for a look like this is white eyeliner.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Rainbow Puzzle

This rainbow puzzle half-face Halloween makeup is an easy way to incorporate color and texture into your look. Add big pieces of glitter to really catch the eye.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Clown

This half-face makeup idea is perfect for anyone that's a big fan of "It." Make your menacing clown eye really stand out by coloring the area around it completely black.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Rainbow Magic

Another throw-on-and-go look, this rainbow half-face Halloween makeup keeps the color completely on the eye and uses blunt lines to really show the distinction between the decorated areas of the face.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: "The Lion King"

Take your cat-eye to a whole new level with this "Lion King" half-face makeup. With browns and golds the star colors in this look, it will be particularly easy to re-create. Chances are, you already have these colors in your makeup collection.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Black-and-White Skeleton

Really commit to the skeleton half-face Halloween makeup theme by using an extremely dark black to draw the concave areas of the skull. If you want to opt out of the differentiating line typically used in half-face makeup looks, the color serves as a fantastic contrast all on its own.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Lion

Keep the other side of your half-face makeup on-theme with the rest of your look, as seen here. The sunset cut-crease really gives a serious "Pride Rock" vibe.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Rainbow Watercolor

Not only is neon makeup fun to look at but it doesn't have to be particularly neat to still look cohesive. This rainbow watercolor half-face Halloween makeup looks so good, people would be none the wiser if you worked a few extra colors and designs into the look.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is one of the undisputed kings of Halloween, so why not incorporate his iconic mask into your half-face Halloween makeup? Keep the look true to the movies by using reds and whites throughout the design.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: USA-Themed Skull

People may not be able to tell if it's Halloween or July 4th, but will it truly matter when your makeup looks this good? Give the American flag a menacing makeover by incorporating its colors into a skull design.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Gray Face

Another gorgeous gray half-face makeup look, this one resembles a cracking mask, revealing a crying face underneath.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Realistic Mask

This realistic half-face makeup undoubtedly looks much more complicated than it is — and that's the genius behind it. It's all in the shading.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Melting Ice Cream

Looking for a fun take on a Halloween costume? Try this melting ice cream half-face makeup look. Not only is the design intricate enough to really flex your makeup skills, but if you're not a fan of gore, its an adorable alternative that still showcases a lot of creativity.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Pop-Art Spider-Man

You can never go wrong with pop-art makeup looks, so why not incorporate it into your half-face Halloween makeup? Re-create your favorite superhero costume with a comic book twist for a stand-out look.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Winter Snowflakes

Snowflake costumes are another one of those looks that seem like you tried harder than you did. Use a makeup brush to give a hazy finish to your half-face makeup line, and use a white eyeliner to draw the snowflakes onto a background color of your choosing.

Half-Face Halloween Makeup Idea: Simple Spider

Spiders will always be a Halloween staple, so if you got invited to a party last minute, re-create the look seen here. The web toward the edge of the eye makes the perfect complement to any winged liner.