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I Got a Lash Lift to Curl My Straight Eyelashes: See Photos

I Got a Lash Lift, and It Completely Transformed My Straight Eyelashes

I Got a Lash Lift to Curl My Straight Eyelashes: See Photos
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Carrie Carrollo

My eyelashes and I have always had some beef. While I lust after long, wispy lashes, they're short and naturally straight, and they refuse to stay curled for more than an hour at a time. I've tried my fair share of solutions — fiber mascaras, growth serums, and pricey mink falsies, for example — but they all felt like a chore to apply. After trying them all, it started to look like eyelash extensions were my only hope.

Still, no matter how many Yelp pages I combed through and sketchy Groupons I narrowly stopped myself from buying, I couldn't justify the cost and upkeep of extensions. I was prepared to accept a life of subpar lashes, but then something seriously magical happened: I discovered lash lifts.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Gigi of Mai Lash Bar (a true hidden gem in NYC) and paid a cool $65.

After having a few treatments under my belt, to say they have been anything less than life-changing would be an insult to my newly reborn lashes. I've become fully confident going mascara-free when I'm in a rush, and to be honest I just feel prettier in general. Best of all, I haven't touched a lash curler in over 12 (yes, literally 12) weeks. To see why I'm never turning back, read on for the full lowdown on every step of the process, plus before and after photos.

From beginning to end, a perm or lift is completed in seven-ish steps and lasts approximately 40 minutes. Here's how it goes.

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