Lashify Is Launching an Incubator Project to Help a Black-Owned Beauty Business Grow

Many brands and people alike are trying to find ways to support the Black community and fight systemic racism in light of the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police. Putting actions to words, the luxury eyelash-extension brand Lashify announced on June 3 that it will be launching a new incubator project to help a Black-owned beauty brand grow.

Sahara Lotti, the founder of Lashify, announced she will be investing up to $100,000 in Black-owned brands that are either in the early stages of launching or already launched and in need of some additional help.

"When I started this company, I didn't need money as much as I needed 'intelligent capital,'" she said in a statement posted on Facebook. "So this is what I'm going to do: I'm giving someone in the Black Community up to $100,000, and we're going to build a brand together. I want nothing in return. I'm investing in the brand's future and what you learn from me, you pass it on. That's all I ask."

To apply, Lotti has asked Black entrepreneurs to send their name, biography, and a link to their business if it's already launched or a description of their idea if it's not to the email address Lotti is looking for ideas for hair-care brands because she feels "there's a lot of room for innovation," but ultimately, anyone can apply.

According to Lashify's Instagram page, all of the investment money will go directly to marketing and production. Depending on how many submissions they get and how much capital is needed, there may be an opportunity to pick multiple brands to receive funding.