Michelle Obama Talks Her At-Home Beauty Routine: "I've Gotta Figure Out How to Do It"

Michelle Obama is already doling out heaps of honest, relatable revelations in her new Spotify podcast. For its inaugural episode, the former first lady sat down with husband Barack Obama to share an intimate chat about love, activism, and family, and the latest edition revolved around the current global pandemic and America's racial-injustice reckoning. Speaking with journalist Michele Norris, Obama touched on the "low-grade depression" she's been coping with as of late before diving into a topic we were particularly intrigued to hear her discuss: her at-home beauty routine.

"I'm figuring out that if I want it done, I've gotta figure out how to do it."

Like many of us, Obama has learned how to maintain her usual beauty practices at home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. "Not to put anybody out of work, but this time has taught me how to do my own waxing, do my nails," she said on her podcast, adding, "I'm figuring out that if I want it done, I've gotta figure out how to do it." We can't help but wonder: does she give herself DIY gel manicures or just stick to regular ol' polish? Or perhaps she's a fan of press-on nails?

It wasn't too hard for Obama to pick up on at-home hair and nail tips and tricks, though — she reflected on being raised by a mother who admittedly "never went to the nail salon," which wound up rubbing off on her growing up. "I tell my girls that: I never went and got a manicure until I was a lawyer in a big firm making money," she said. "There's a beauty in being reminded of our own self-sufficiency during this time . . . when things fall apart, if you don't have the skills and tools to figure out how to just do some of this stuff on your own, you can be lost." We have a feeling she was talking about way more than just doing one's own nails with that last spot-on comment.

Listen to the entire second episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast below to hear what else Obama had to say about mental health in the time of COVID, racial-justice protests, how she's spending time at home with her family, and more.