13 Tiny Tattoos That Sneakily Show Off Your Halloween Spirit

  • Getting a tiny tattoo with a nod to Halloween can be a subtle way to show your appreciation for the holiday.
  • The best part with small designs is you either keep them hidden or have them on full display without them feeling too in your face.
  • See our favorite tiny Halloween tattoos, from ghosts to bats and more.

While some of you may only have a casual appreciation for Halloween, for others, the holiday is so much a part of their lives that they even have the tattoos to prove their love of all things spooky. If you are interested in getting inked in honor of All Hallows' Eve but tend to prefer tiny or small designs, you've come to the right place.

From cute, creepy crawlies to gorgeous ghouls, we've rounded up the best sweet-yet-spooky (but not at all scary) ideas we've seen. Whether you're into trendy, themed, or chic tattoos, you're bound to find some inspiration on this list. Just remember, this mark remains long after Halloween, so choose wisely — buyer beware.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Black Bats

The silhouette of black bats makes the perfect imprint for Halloween fans but looks just as chic post-Oct. 31.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Snake

Snakes are symbols of rebirth and transformation, but they're also a creepily haunting Halloween fixture, which makes them a perfect tattoo choice regardless of which resonates with you.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Halloween Mickey

Disney fans, this tattoo is for you: Mickey Mouse in a classic Halloween hat.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Evil Eye

The evil eye is said to protect you from bad luck — or bad spirits come All Hallows' Eve.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Skull Head

Why not get a tattoo of the most iconic skull symbols that you've likely seen pop up in countless horror films?

Small Halloween Tattoo: "TREAT"

"Trick or treat" brings on new meaning if you choose the best part of the phrase in tattoo form — especially if it's etched somewhere inconspicuous.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Ghost

Spooky or not, ghosts play an important role in many Halloween tales, and you can choose to dress yours up (or keep it simple) should you get the design in tattoo form.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Witch Silhouette

Nothing is quite as emblematic of Halloween as the witch. This silhouette tattoo brings it to life.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Ghostly Digits

The perfect matching tattoo idea to get with friends can include all your favorite Halloween characters, from ghosts to black cats to skulls and more.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Black Cat

A tiny black cat can represent many things come Halloween, but it also doesn't feel too far-fetched to be a year-round design.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Moon

Given that trick-or-treating and Halloween parties happen at night, it makes sense that the moon holds such significance on this day — making a tattoo in its honor perfect for the occasion.

Small Halloween Tattoo: Knife

One of the most popular costume accessories, the knife can be a tiny yet symbolic design that works perfectly anywhere on the body.