Yara Shahidi Shines in a Mini "Jellyfish" Haircut

Yara Shahidi is back with more hair inspiration but this time, with an avant-garde flair. While posing for Byrdie's spring cover, Shahidi wore a mini "jellyfish" haircut, making her the newest member of a very exclusive club.

The look was a shorter version of the trending sea animal-inspired cut created by celebrity hairstylist SherriAnn Cole. True to the trend, the front of Shahidi's hair was shaped into a bowl cut. However, instead of the latter half of her hair falling down the nape of her neck as is traditional with the style, it was cut into a short bob haircut that stopped just below her chin.

The "jellyfish" haircut has been worn by a short list of stars, including Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, and Lilly Collins. It originated from last year's wave of animal-inspired hair trends along with the ""octopus," "wolf," and "butterfly" haircuts. While Shahidi's version was undoubtedly created on a wig, if you're considering going for the real deal, it's still a masterclass in customizing the "jellyfish" to your personal taste. As with any haircut (but especially more intricate ones like this), it's best to visit a professional instead of cutting your hair at home. We recommend gathering inspiration before committing to the look, and in that case, you may want to save this cover photo for later. Take a closer look at Shahidi's hair below.

Photographer: AB + DM for Byrdie