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Barack Obama and Michelle Obama Out in DC March 2017

Barack and Michelle Obama Look Damn Good in DC Despite Trump's Latest Ridiculous Claim

What's the first thing you should do after you've been forced to deny a wild, unsubstantiated wiretapping claim from a reality star who's hard at work driving your beloved country into the ground? Go for a leisurely stroll through Washington DC and look damn good while doing it. At least, that's what Barack and Michelle Obama did on Sunday once they'd brushed off accusations that Barack tapped the phones at Trump Tower while the 55-year-old former president was still in office. The allegations, of course, have absolutely zero evidence to back them up, which is likely why the couple looked low-key and carefree as they waved and smiled on their way out of the National Gallery of Art. Either that, or they're still full of that fresh-from-vacation glow.

The next time another claim like this comes down the pipeline — which it surely will, since it was announced that Barack's return to politics could be much sooner than we think — may we suggest he take a page out of Regina George's playbook and respond with, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" Something tells us it might get under the current president's skin . . .

Image Source: AP / Jose Luis Magana
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