Emily Tosta's Instagram Feed Is a Work of Art, and We Are Not Worthy

If you haven't already heard, Party of Five is making its return to television, but — as the last episode aired nearly two decades ago — this time it's with a whole new cast. The series will revolve around five siblings who are left to fend for them themselves after their parents are deported to Mexico, and the older sister role previously played by Neve Campbell is now being taken on by Dominican and Venezuelan beauty Emily Tosta. Best known for playing Leticia Cruz in the FX series Mayans M.C., Emily is no stranger to Hollywood, and one look at her Instagram page will show you that she's no stranger to social media, either. The 21-year-old's Instagram page is truly a work of art, so if you're looking for Insta inspo, look no further than some of Emily's best pics.

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