We're Convinced the Party of Five Cast Is Truly a Family — Just Look at These Pictures!

It's been 25 years since the last episode of Party of Five aired, but the series is coming back! In case you never watched the original '90s drama, the series follows five siblings who become orphans after their parents are killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. The Party of Five reboot stars Niko Guardado, Brandon Larracuente, Elle Paris Legaspi, and Emily Tosta.

With a slightly different plotline, these stars play siblings who are left to care for themselves after their parents are deported to Mexico. Fans of the original series loved the tight-knit cast who stole the hearts of viewers, setting the scene for six successful seasons. If the new cast's Instagram pictures tell a story, it's that they seem just as close and ready to leave us all reaching for the tissue box. Be sure to watch for the reboot on Freeform when it premieres in January!

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