Jessica Biel Recalls the Precarious Way Justin Timberlake Proposed

In a May 11 interview on "The Late Late Show With James Corden," Jessica Biel went into detail about the romantic, if risky, way her husband of 10 years, Justin Timberlake, proposed.

"We were in Montana on a piece of property that we owned at the time. We had snowboarded all day. It was in the middle of the winter. Waist-high snow. We were [in] head-to-toe snowboarding outfits — hats, gloves, everything," Biel said. "And we go up to the property to just check out how the foundation is looking. And all of a sudden, he gets down onto his knees and just . . . sinks into the snow," she continued. "And then he looks up at me and pulls up this ring and it was the most lovely, surprising, hilarious . . . "

Corden was a bit skeptical of the whole thing, saying, "Bold to go skiing with a ring in your pocket! That is not a decision I would make. That can only backfire." Biel replied that she'd never thought about that, but maybe she should have, as she "had this huge glove on," which she had to rip off in order to put on the ring. She attributed Timberlake's decision to ski with the ring to his "confidence."

Timberlake himself has also discussed the proposal, referencing it on his 2018 album "Man of the Woods," which provided a glimpse into his family life and his relationship with Biel. In "Deconstruction With Justin Timberlake," a 2018 interview with Chris Douridas for Amazon Music, the singer shared the inspiration behind some of his songs. At one point, he revealed the story of how he proposed to his wife, a moment that inspired the song "Montana":

"'Montana,' it's basically about being there with my wife. I proposed there, so it has a really special meaning. That's really where it started from, it's really about this moment when you're saying, 'I want to make this step.' For me, lyrically, the bridge is my favorite, I think maybe my favorite bridge on the album, just the way I was able to find the lyrics for that. Without going into too much of a personal story, it started to really come together just talking about being in the mountains. When I did propose, I was saying to her, I was like, 'Oh look at the shadows on the mountains,' and I had the ring on my pinkie — I guess I will just tell the story. I had the ring on my pinkie and I was like, 'Look at the shadows over there on the mountains,' and she was like, 'Oh yeah, that's beautiful,' and I was like, 'Do you see it?' So it was something that inspired the lyrics for the bridge."

For all those wondering why Biel is heard saying "Do you see it?" on "Man of the Woods," there's our answer. The couple tied the knot back in 2012, and since then, they've shared plenty of adorable moments together. Most recently, the pair made a rare red carpet appearance at the premiere of "Candy," the true-crime drama Biel stars in.

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