JoJo Siwa Is Now an Emmy-Nominated Choreographer: "My Mind Is Blown"

JoJo Siwa is officially an Emmy-nominated choreographer. The dancer and reality TV star was nominated for a Children's & Family Emmy Award for outstanding choreography on her Peacock show "Siwas Dance Pop Revolution." Siwa reacted to the news on Nov. 2 by sharing a screenshot of her nomination and highlights from the series in an Instagram post that read, "I genuinely am so honored and so insanely SHOCKED that I'm nominated." She added, "It feels so crazy to say that I am an 'Emmy Nominated choreographer' my mind is blown."

"My mind is blown."

In the competition series, the "Dance Moms" alum teamed up with her mom Jessalynn Siwa to mentor young dancers as they competed for a spot in XOMG POP. Throughout the series, the Siwas narrowed the competition down to one tween who would join the pop group as the opening act for JoJo's tour. Siwa expressed gratitude for her mom and the contestants: "Thank you to everyone involved in this project, especially my mom, who kept me sane this entire time during filming, and to all the kids who worked SO hard not just in rehearsals but in their off time on their own to create these magical dances!!"

In her enthusiastic caption, Siwa also reflected on the many 16-hour days she spent at the studio filming the show. "I gave everything I had into every performance on this show," she said. "Hard work truly pays off in the most generous ways!!!"

"Siwas Dance Pop Revolution" will compete against five other series in the first-ever Children's & Family Emmys. The new category came in light of the fact that children's and family content was the fastest-growing genre awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

You can find out if Siwa takes home the Emmy on Dec. 11.