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Pictures of the Euphoria Cast Hanging Out

11 Times the Cast of Euphoria Made Us Wish We Were Part of Their Friend Group

In a show as deeply personal and poignant as HBO's Euphoria, it's unsurprising that cast members also share a tightly knit and unspoken bond off screen. Euphoria addresses cultural and societal issues — such as abuse, addiction, and identity — and its implications on today's youth, imploring viewers to practice empathy and reflect on the ways formative experiences shape current behaviors and incentives. The show's heavier psychological premise brings out deeper, more vulnerable sides of Euphoria's own cast members, nurturing a particularly nonjudgmental atmosphere and more intimate relationships on set.

See for yourself in these adorable Instagram posts of the Euphoria crew kicking it together both on and off set. Can you *see* the love tonight?

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