Help, I Literally Can't Stop Thinking About Sebastian Stan's Arms in This Photo

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has quickly become one of my favorite Marvel shows, and it's not just because of the eye candy that is Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. OK, I'm lying, it's totally because of the eye candy. When I'm not laughing at Bucky and Sam's hilarious friendship and witty banter, I'm swooning over their action sequences and close-up shots. Case in point: Sebastian's latest behind-the-scenes photos of him on set from episode four. You know, the one where Ayo completely disables Bucky's vibranium arm.

While some have been replaying Bucky winding up his arm on loop — I mean, I get it — I literally haven't been able to stop thinking about the second snap in Sebastian's Instagram gallery. Seriously, it's been three days since he posted the pictures and I'm still not over it. The first snap shows Sebastian playfully cradling Bucky's vibranium arm, but the second photo — whew! As he stands with his stunt double, John Nania, he can be seen flexing his arms in a tight black shirt. (Bless you, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier costume designers!) And I'm clearly not the only person in my feelings, as the comments ranged from "The tight shirt. The biceps. The arm." to "no one has ever looked this good in a black t shirt." I mean, they're not wrong. Please appreciate the photo for yourself above, and for good measure, I've also included that GIF of Bucky winding up his arm. You're welcome.