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Arya and Brienne's Sword Fighting Scene Season 1 Connection

When You Realize Why Arya and Brienne's Fight Scene Felt Familiar, Your Heart Will Break

Game of Thrones's season seven episode "The Spoils of War" is full of emotional reunions for House Stark. Not only does Arya finally reunite with her brother and sister, Bran and Sansa, at their childhood home of Winterfell, but she also gets to see Brienne of Tarth. Their meeting obviously hasn't been as anticipated as the one between the Stark siblings, but the scene they share actually has a pretty heartbreaking connection to season one.

Arya watches Brienne try to teach Podrick how to duel at Winterfell for a short while but then steps in and challenges the legendary knight herself. After a moment's hesitation, Brienne agrees, and the two begin to sword fight. Arya quickly gains the upper hand time and time again (looks like the nine million years she spent in Braavos were good for something, right?), and Brienne is obviously impressed, but she's not the only one watching the duel. Looking down on the two of them from a balcony above are Sansa and Littlefinger.

While the latter might have some more nefarious motives behind keeping tabs on Arya's sword skills (when does he not, honestly), Reddit user IMovedYourCheese pointed out that the way Sansa observes Arya's sword play is undeniably similar to a season one scene featuring her father, Ned Stark, who looked on during one of Arya's sword lessons with Syrio.

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BRB, calling Sam to come mop up all of my tears (we have a feeling he wouldn't mind after all that poop . . . ).

It's been hard not to draw similarities between the late Stark patriarch and his remaining children as the series has gone on. Jon Snow takes after his father the most by far (even if Ned isn't his biological dad), from the armor he wears to his habit of tying his hair back, as well as his personality (like Ned, he's a brooding but fantastic leader). Arya, too, has gotten some comparisons to Ned lately, and now it seems Sansa is subtly channeling her father's legacy as well.

With Jon off in Dragonstone, Sansa is the temporary Warden of the North, and her leadership in the position has never wavered (though her motivations feel more on par with her mother, Catelyn Stark). At this point, the only person who doesn't seem to be taking after Ned in some way is Bran. Then again, now that he's basically an emotionless robot, we can't necessarily blame him.

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