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Dean and Sam on Supernatural Season 14

Why Supernatural Fans Needed That Touching Sam and Dean Moment

Jack has been missing for two episodes and the gang still hasn't managed to track him down. (Yes, I am worried about him, thanks for asking.) Meanwhile, Cas has been out getting ahold of an angel in hopes to find out where he is. There is a lot going on with Supernatural at the moment. However, that means that for the first time in a long time, we get some high-quality bro time with Sam and Dean Winchester.

While I have tended to favor the bromance between Dean and Cas, I can't argue that the brotherhood between Sam and Dean is one of epic proportions. They are biological brothers, after all. That alone is a half-obligation to love each other, no matter what. It can never hurt to point out a sweet moment between them, especially this one, which might or might not have made me tear up.

In "The Scorpion and the Frog," Sam and Dean have an adorable, heartwarming moment. Until that point, I don't think I noticed the severe lack of connection and cute, cliche moments we've been having this season up until then.


Let me explain. It isn't that there hasn't been love between them, despite all of their bickering (a lot of it), but considering the supernatural realm never sleeps and then our favorite nephilim going missing, plus everything else going on, there hasn't been a whole lot of screen time focused solely on them. Know what I mean?

We watch the two share a couple of beers like old times and notice that throughout the episode, Dean has his old positive, can-do attitude back. Sam gives him a look of relief, one of happiness in the purest form. Clinking their bottles together, Sam tells him, "It's really good to hear you talk like that again," referring to his uplifted spirit.

Wow. I'm not crying, you're crying!

Jack and Cas have become a focal point of these new seasons, and while I'm impatiently awaiting their safe return, I think we can all be appreciative of this much-needed bro toast. Dean is also deserving of all the happiness the world (and the underworld) has to offer and I'm glad that he is finding a better, brighter, and more positive state of mind. #WinchesterBrothers4Ever

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