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GLOW Season 3 Recap

GLOW Recap: Every Moment From Season 3 That We're Still Wrestling With

GLOW Season 3 Recap
Image Source: Netflix

Warning: There are obviously spoilers ahead for season three of GLOW!

OK, we definitely need to talk about the epic showdown that was season three of Netflix's GLOW. From Ruth and Sam's cutting romantic tension to Sheila the She Wolf's dramatic makeover, the series' latest batch of episodes has us on our tiptoes with all of its throws and holds. Then there's the immaculate casting of the legendary Geena Davis as Sandy the gritty and glittery entertainment director, and theater maven Kevin Cahoon as Bobby, a glamorous drag performer who pulls off a mean Barbra Streisand. Plus, who could have seen the special switcheroo in "Freaky Tuesday" or all of the festive shenanigans in "A Very GLOW Christmas" come up?

If you're trying to wrestle sense into your mind after the neon pink, badass smorgasbord of greatness that was GLOW's third round, here's a handy recap to help you remember the most important details.

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