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The Walking Dead Season 7 Clips

The Walking Dead's First Sneak Peek at Season 7 Might Reveal Who Negan Killed

It's been a long, tortuous Summer without The Walking Dead to keep us screaming at our TV screens every Sunday night, but luckily AMC has finally taken the hint. Although season seven doesn't premiere until Oct. 23, a sneak peek at the premiere episode was released on Tuesday that gives fans a few clues as to whose brains Negan bashed in during the final seconds of season six's finale. The above clip features Savior henchman Dwight riding Daryl's motorcycle down a highway littered with walkers. That in and of itself isn't very exciting, but the fact that he's wearing Daryl's vest definitely is. Would Daryl really have given that over?

Dwight already stole his motorcycle and crossbow (which he then used to kill Denise, RIP) in the season six episode "Always Accountable," so it stands to reason that Daryl wouldn't be able to stomach the thought of Dwight making off with any more of his most valuable possessions. Although most signs still point to Glenn being at the receiving end of Lucille, this clip certainly has us more than a little nervous for our favorite post-apocalyptic survivor.

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