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Where Is Highgarden on Game of Thrones?

Here's Why Bronn Wants Highgarden So Much on Game of Thrones

As Game of Thrones nears its end, the once-sprawling cast has been narrowed down to just a handful of major players still standing. Although the war against the Night King is over, it's the war between humans that seems likely to prove the most deadly. For the most part, the surviving players have declared their allegiances, but there are a few who still seem up in the air. Bronn, for one, shows up to threaten Tyrion, but departs without harming anyone after Tyrion offers him a bribe: Highgarden. It's been a while since we've heard about that estate, so let's recap.

Highgarden is the seat of House Tyrell — or, more accurately, it was. The Tyrells' home is located in the Reach, a fertile, beautiful, and strategically located region of Westeros that has historically been home to thriving people and thriving crops. When we see the estate, we also see how the Tyrells' vast wealth is on full display at Highgarden, which looks like a blossoming paradise in comparison to the icy North or the harsh realities of King's Landing. In the early seasons, Lord Mace Tyrell is the lord of Highgarden. His daughter, Margaery, marries three kings (and is widowed by two), while his son Loras is one of the brightest knights in Westeros (and the lover of Renly Baratheon). At one point, the Tyrells even bring Sansa Stark to Highgarden in hopes of marrying her to Loras and getting her out of the Lannisters' grip.

While it was once the center of one of Westeros's most important families, Highgarden hasn't fared well in more recent years. After Mace, Margaery, and Loras are killed in Cersei's explosion at the Great Sept, only the elderly matriarch, Olenna Tyrell, remains. Following her alliance with Daenerys, the Lannister forces surround Highgarden, sacking the castle and forcing Olenna to drink poison. Since then, we haven't heard anything about the once-mighty estate. It's technically under the power of the Lannisters now, but no one is Lord of Highgarden that we know of. Whoever wins the Iron Throne would, presumably, get control of Highgarden, along with other properties won from defunct houses. Highgarden's time as a seat of power is probably over, but it still may have value as a crucial bribe to help tip the scales to one side of the war or the other.

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