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Who Does Negan Kill on The Walking Dead?

Who Does Negan Kill on The Walking Dead? Here's How His Debut Goes Down

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the season six finale of The Walking Dead! Proceed at your own risk.

The devastating sixth season finale of The Walking Dead has finally arrived, and we're simply not OK, to say the very least. As you now may very well know, the conclusion of the season yielded the arrival of supervillain Negan, meaning the inevitable death of one of our favorite characters. If you've watched the episode and are looking to relive those chilling final moments, or even if you haven't watched and you're dying to know how it all shakes out, we're here for you. We're breaking down every moment of Negan's deadly arrival, so keep reading for a play-by-play, then check out all the types fans of The Walking Dead.

  • The Saviors merge and surround Rick and his group. In the middle of the forest, in the dead of the night, Rick, Aaron, Eugene, Carl, and Sasha are carrying Maggie on a stretcher, desperately trying to get her some medical attention at Hilltop. Unfortunately, they land smack dab in the middle of a rather large Savior pow-wow. The Saviors turn on a bunch of huge flood lights, ambushing Rick and company.
  • Everyone in our favorite group of survivors gets all prepped and ready. The Saviors have already found Eugene and taken control of the camper. They open another truck to reveal that they've brought Michonne, Rosita, Daryl, and Glenn to the party as well. They make everyone get on their knees in one long line. Then, they knock on the door of the camper, summoning Negan.
  • Negan steps out in all his badass, terrifying glory. Negan is not about ceremony. He jumps right into it. He introduces himself to Rick, and explains how everything works: anyone and everyone must give the Saviors half of their stuff, or the Saviors will kill you. Not only has Rick failed to surrender any of his (or Alexandria's) possessions, but he's killed a whole lot of Negan's men.
  • Negan meets the rest of the group, and discusses "punishment." After introducing his barbed-wire-wrapped bat, Lucille, Negan makes his way down the line and sizes everyone up. He informs Rick that he does not want to kill everyone. In fact, he doesn't want to kill anyone. But since Rick is responsible for so many Savior deaths, he's going to have to take out one of theirs. He meets Carl, whom he immediately realizes is Rick's son. He's impressed by Abraham, who seems ready, if not eager, to take a beating. He sees poor, sick Maggie, and considers killing her, causing an emotional outburst from Glenn. But he just can't decide who it should be!
  • The most twisted version of that one childhood nursery rhyme. Negan decides to play a game of "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe." You know, to help him decide who should meet the business end of Lucille. He proceeds, and as the nursery rhyme progresses, we see him pointing his bat at each member of the entire group: Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Rosita, Carl, Maggie, Aaron, Eugene, Abraham, and Sasha. As he finishes, though, a bunch of cuts make it nearly impossible to tell who he lands on. And when he does finish the game, we find ourselves in the POV of his selected victim.
  • The brutal beating. Not hesitating for even one moment, Negan brings down Lucille with incredible force on the head of whomever he's chosen. The screen turns red, filling with blood. He makes a comment about how this person is taking it like a champ. Then he whacks them again, and the screen goes black. We still hear the sickening blows, one after the after, landing on the victim. Finally, after a sickening crunch, everything falls silent.
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