These 14 Adam Driver SNL Sketches Will Have You Wheezing With Laughter

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Most of us probably know Adam Driver for playing our favorite space boyfriend Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise, but Driver also has some serious comedic chops. During his appearances as a guest host on Saturday Night Live, Driver has shown his ability to commit to even the weirdest of sketches. Whether it's yelling at schoolchildren as deranged oil baron Abraham H. Parnassus or charming Stormtroopers as Matt the radar technician (who is definitely not Kylo Ren in disguise), Driver always has us laughing. He recently nabbed an Emmy nomination in the outstanding guest actor in a comedy series category for his third stint as SNL host. Celebrate Driver's nomination with our list of his most hilarious sketches!

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"The Science Room" (2020)

Cecily Strong and Mikey Day make an amazing duo as two students who are absolutely clueless about science, infuriating Driver's well-meaning professor. Driver is especially gifted when it comes to depicting angry characters, and "The Science Room" uses that talent to great effect.

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"Coffee Shop" (2018)

In this sketch, Driver and Strong portray a married couple surprised to find out they're taking part in a commercial for Burger King's new coffee. Driver is definitely the highlight, putting on an excellent New York accent and yelling about how he knows Krav Maga.

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"Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base" (2016)

What would happen if Kylo Ren tried to make friends? This all-time classic sketch answers that question, as Driver's Star Wars character goes undercover on Starkiller Base and tells his coworkers all about how a buddy of his saw Kylo Ren's eight-pack in the shower.

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"Del Taco Shoot" (2020)

You'll never look at a Del Taco commercial the same way again after watching this sketch, in which a struggling actor (Kyle Mooney) is forced to repeat his line — "Aw, man, I'm all out of cash" — over and over again. Honestly, I might be willing to do that too, as long as Driver is the one critiquing my delivery.

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"Golden Globes" (2016)

Two kids (Mooney, Kate McKinnon) sit around waiting at home while their parents (Driver, Vanessa Bayer) have a wild night after winning a Golden Globe award. Watching Driver scream at a security guard (Kenan Thompson) is hysterical — as is Liev Schrieber's surprise cameo!

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"Marrying Ketchups" (2020)

Condiments are given new life in this sketch about two ketchup bottles played by Driver and Strong, who end up having a tragic conversation on their wedding day. The food puns are definitely a little cheesy, but Driver and Strong's melodramatic delivery really sells it.

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"Aladdin" (2016)

Driver and Strong continue to make a great pair in this Disney parody. A magic carpet ride becomes a little less magical once Princess Jasmine (Strong) starts to get clobbered by falling debris, but Driver's dreamy singing voice definitely helps bring back some of the romance.

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"Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now" (2020)

This highly anticipated sequel somehow manages to be just as funny as the first "Undercover Boss" sketch. Driver inspires major laughs as Kylo Ren's new alter ego Randy the intern, who's worried about wrangling droids and messing up his boss's blue milk order.

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"NFL Playoff Game" (2016)

Even if you're a sports-hater like me, you'll still find something to laugh about in this sketch, which stars Driver and Beck Bennett as a pair of football announcers. Poor quarterback Jared Schleff (Pete Davidson) suffers a grotesque injury on camera, which is then replayed one too many times.

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"Medieval Times" (2020)

Driver once again showcases his trademark intensity in "Medieval Times," as an amateur actor who massively over commits to his role as a vengeful knight. Listen, if anyone knows how to make a plastic weapon held together with duct tape look convincing, it's definitely Driver.

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"Porn Doctor" (2016)

This sketch taps into some raunchy humor, as a little girl (Aidy Bryant) continues to interrupt a hospital-themed porn shoot. Something tells us Dr. Rockhard (Driver) didn't actually attend medical school, even though he swears he graduated "best top in (his) class."

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"America's Funniest Cats" (2016)

McKinnon and Strong are the centerpiece of this sketch, playing French commentators who ruin funny cat clips with their macabre narration. Driver provides the perfect contrast to their cynical energy as America's Funniest Cats's anxious host Finn Raynal-Beads.

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"Slow" (2020)

Driver's naturally deep voice is put to good use in this sensual music video about a group of guys who like to take things a little too slow. Musical guest Halsey also makes a memorable appearance!

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"Career Day" (2018)

"Career Day" is the perfect example of Driver's commitment as a performer. Driver plays Abraham H. Parnassus, an oil baron who yells about crushing his enemies and stomps on bird carcasses in front of children. No matter how ridiculous the sketch gets, Driver never once breaks character to laugh — something we can't say for Davidson.