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The Bachelorette: Who Will Tayshia Adams Pick?

The Bachelorette: We're Predicting Who Will Be the Final 4 Vying For Tayshia's Heart

The Bachelorette: Who Will Tayshia Adams Pick?
Image Source: ABC

It feels like Tayshia Adams's journey on The Bachelorette just began, but it's already drawing to a close. Down to 12 men after the Nov. 24 episode, Tayshia's search for her future husband has about four or five more episodes to go (not counting the Men Tell All special). So we're coming down to the wire, and it's time for Tayshia — and Bachelor Nation — to figure out who will be the future Mr. Adams.

I'll hand it to Tayshia, she has narrowed down her choices to some stellar picks. She wasn't able to get the full Bachelorette experience with extravagant dates, or even a full cast, but she's been able to spot the bullsh*t and weed out the men who aren't a right fit for her. If you've been watching as closely as I have, it's safe to say you probably have some ideas of who will be among the final four men making it to the fantasy suites. While Tayshia has made an honest effort to get to know all the men on an intimate level, there are a select few who have connected with her in ways that the rest are unable to. Those are the men who are angling for a ring in the finale! Keep reading for my thoughts on who we'll be seeing as Tayshia gets ready to hand out her final rose.

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