73 Unfiltered Thoughts I Had Watching Netflix's Most Ridiculous Film, Eurovision Song Contest

When I first heard about Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, I knew I was going to love it. If it was even half as ridiculous as the actual Eurovision contest — and knowing Will Ferrell, it probably would be — it would certainly be worth a watch. Well, now that the movie has premiered on Netflix, let me tell you: my predictions were correct and I absolutely loved it!

The film follows the story of Icelandic singing duo Lars Erickssong (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit Ericksdottir (Rachel McAdams), who are probably not siblings, as they realize their dream of competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, all of Iceland views them as a laughing stock, and it's only thanks to a freak accident that they are able to compete. Sigrit is hopelessly in love with Lars, while Lars only thinks of winning the contest and gaining his father's (Pierce Brosnan) approval. Along the way, their bond is tested by the ridiculously handsome Russian contestant Alexander Lemtov (Dan Stevens), who sees greater things in Sigrit's future that doesn't include Lars.

Of course, the movie wouldn't be complete without an epic soundtrack that includes Ferrell singing, since according to Step Brothers he has "the voice of an angel." It also has everything you'd expect from a movie about Eurovision, with everything from cameos of past winners to outlandish costumes to an appearance by Graham Norton, who is a UK Eurovision mainstay. It also has a few things you might not expect, like a potential murder subplot and elves being the catalyst for a few important moments.

Now is this a perfect movie? No, as there are a few tired tropes, particularly involving Alexander's storyline. But is it a fun movie I will watch over and over again? That is a resounding yes. You can watch for yourself since Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is currently streaming on Netflix. And if my feelings weren't clear enough, set out an offering for the elves and get ready for a brain dump of my unfiltered thoughts.


  • Is Pierce Brosnan's Icelandic accent considered good?
  • ABBA is always a good place to start a film.
  • Let the little boy dance!
  • Will Ferrell's teeth are extremely crooked. Rachel McAdams's are nice. My father is a dentist, and I am cursed to never look past this.
  • Damn, do I need Rachel McAdams's crown and silver jacket?
  • Wait, that was all in their minds? That's kind of a bummer. Cool concept though.
  • Where can I get Sigrit's brightly colored sweater and overall combo?
  • It looks like Lars didn't give much thought to the fact he was going to a cemetery.
  • I'm grateful my father was never harsh like Lars's . . . although I probably would've sold the house, too.
  • Sigrit's hair is everything.
  • I've wasted my life on far less important things.
  • "And you might think that I'm drunk but I am dead sober. And I am very serious." I'm copying this line. No idea where I'm going to use it, but I will find a place.

  • The real star is Lars's luxurious mane.
  • "Jaja Ding Dong" is an absolute bop.
  • I take that back, Lars has an amazing striped jacket that I need.
  • Alright, Demi Lovato needs blonde hair yesterday.
  • Guess I need to book a trip to Keflavík.
  • Of course they submitted their audition on a tape.
  • "Come on guy." "Don't you call me guy." Is this South Park?
  • "Be a cool guy." I feel like I wrote this movie.
  • Sigrit talking to the elves is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen in my entire life.
  • Do I need to ask elves for a boyfriend?
  • "Do a classic camel. It's never out of style."
  • I'm not sure I'm into 21st century vikings.

  • Not going to lie, falling from rigging is one of my biggest fears. Also being laughed at by an entire crowd, let alone Iceland.
  • I want someone to love me like Sigrit loves Lars.
  • But I don't want someone to kiss me like Lars.
  • I take it back. This is my nightmare.
  • "THE ELVES WENT TOO FAR." Yes, Sigrit, they did.
  • It's fitting that Dan Stevens's song has a lion background, seeing as he was the Beast.
  • But that hair though . . . no, thank you.
  • Kitty Kat Fancy. That is all.
  • Even Jae-bong agrees he wasn't just being friendly, Sigrit.

  • So a song-a-long is actually the riff-off from Pitch Perfect.
  • I'm sure these are really important Eurovision cameos that I will look up later.
  • It's the cute Norwegian violin player, Alexander Rybak, from 2009!
  • OH, HELL YEAH! IT'S NETTA BARZILAI. Look up her song "Toy."
  • French maid and little sailor boy? What am I watching? Why is he talking about his penis like it's a Volvo?
  • I would also love to go club dancing. IT HAS BEEN SO LONG.
  • Mita and Alexander have something up their sleeves, I know it.
  • Lars going "sex nuts" is absolutely not what I knew I needed until today.
  • I mean . . . he's not wrong about Americans. We do love Starbucks and view Europe as our party town.
  • I absolutely thought Katiana's ghost was Daenerys.

  • From what little I've seen of the actual Eurovision, this is extremely accurate, including Graham Norton's appearance.
  • I take that back, I think Mita is a great person.
  • I, too, would like to cool it with the homies. Particularly, homies with those abs.
  • I'd like to think that most of the children in the village potentially being Erick Erickssong's (Pierce Brosnan) is a Mamma Mia Easter egg.
  • "Double Trouble" may just be the song of the summer.
  • That's right, they deserve ALL your clapping.
  • Bet you feel like a jerk now, Lars. SHE WROTE THE SONG FOR YOU.

  • I'm getting goosebumps from all the votes to Iceland. WHY AM I CRYING?!
  • Fabergé eggs and a pet tiger? Sign me up, please.
  • Did I just watch the elf murder scene on repeat? Yes. It was that ridiculous.
  • The door slamming shut? Poetic cinema.
  • Where can I get elves to do my bidding?

  • OF COURSE IT'S THE AMERICANS. Why do I love everything about this movie?
  • "Jamba Juice, come on!"
  • From here on out, I'm yelling at everyone, "JET DRIVE!"
  • Where can I meet the lion of love? Is that something you have to sign up for or?
  • "Don't come to Iceland. You might be killed by elves."
  • I can see now why we didn't see Demi Lovato in the trailer.
  • She was very much a useless ghost. Not even in the fun useless way like the ones from A Christmas Carol.

  • Lars made it in time! And he's asking her to sing her song.
  • I'm glad Lars learned his lesson about winning, because we deserved this beautiful song, even if they do get disqualified.
  • And the goosebumps are back. Catch me swaying back and forth to "Húsavík (Hometown)" in my living room.
  • Wait, Lars and Sigrit are married AND their parents are married? I can see why this is weird.
  • The Americans are back. I love their friendship.
  • And we've come full circle. Back to "Jaja Ding Dong" we go.