It Seems Like Almost Everyone Hated Alex Karev's Final Grey's Anatomy Episode

You can never make everyone happy, and that's especially true when it comes to TV and movies. But Grey's Anatomy has practically made an art out of controversial character exits and they lived up to the hype with Justin Chambers's final episode on March 5. Through a few lengthy letters, Alex Karev revealed that he left everyone in Seattle to move to Kansas and reunite with his ex-wife and first true love, Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, M.D.

Since Chambers made his final appearance back in November 2019 and didn't film any new scenes for his final episode, the installment mainly consisted of footage that highlighted Karev's journey throughout the series. After watching him grow into a dedicated husband, amazing surgeon, and an all-around "OK guy," having him exit the series by leaving it all behind for a woman who left him behind nine years ago and the twins she'd been hiding from him for five years is a bit . . . unsettling. As usual, fans have not been shy expressing their feelings, and they're not holding anything back. To say that the majority of reactions have been disappointment would be an understatement. Keep reading for some of the mixed reviews emerging after Dr. Alex Karev's goodbye episode.

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