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Who Has Died on Grey's Anatomy?

Every Single Grey's Anatomy Death That We'll Never, Ever Recover From

Who Has Died on Grey's Anatomy?
Image Source: Everett Collection

Sure, Grey's Anatomy has been light and full of love recently, but it's consistently been a series where the Grim Reaper is always around the corner. Throughout the years, we've witnessed a handful of heart-wrenching yet nonfatal exits on the show with characters such as Cristina and April. Still, these departures aren't the only norms at Grey Sloan. The medical drama has never been shy about killing off main characters through the most dramatic means possible. From Denny Duquette to McDreamy, here are the most emotionally gutting character deaths the series has conjured — we dare you not to sob yourself into a puddle while reading through this!

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