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Kate McKinnon's Best Impressions

12 Kate McKinnon Impressions That Will Never Not Be Funny

Kate McKinnon's Best Impressions
Image Source: NBC

Kate McKinnon is the queen of comedy, and she's uncannily great at doing impressions on Saturday Night Live. The seven-time Emmy nominee embraces her characters in a way that we can only describe as absolutely bonkers, always wearing fantastic makeup and showing an intrinsic knack for conveying her characters' quirks. Her impression of Hillary Clinton is a joy, infusing the forthright leader with a maniacal quality. We'd also be remiss not to give a shout-out to her other political impressions as well. The fact that she can pull off Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway speaks to her immense talent. From Elizabeth Warren to Justin Bieber, we've compiled McKinnon's best SNL impressions over the years, so prepare yourself to be wowed by her incredible versatility.

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