It's OK Guys, Even Lily Collins Didn't Know How to Pronounce "Emily in Paris"

If you haven't binged the charming 10-episode series that is Emily in Paris, you are truly missing out on the ultimate guilty pleasure. The show follows a young Emily (played by Lily Collins) who relocates to Paris after being given an incredible work opportunity at a fancy marketing agency and tells the tale of love, lust, and uh, how to get colleagues that hate you to magically like you after a few months of perseverance and many mistakes. Though the show received an intense amount of criticism for not showing "the real Paris", most viewers admitted that they loved to hate it and despite all its faults, watched every single episode. Recently, the actual pronunciation of the name has come to light.

Collins made an appearance last night on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, who congratulated her on her recent engagement to writer and director Charlie McDowell. However, it wasn't long before conversation swiftly moved onto the topic of pronouncing Emily in Paris. "We heard people refer to it as that more often, because we were in Paris, and I thought 'oh yeah, it rhymes! That's cute'", Collins revealed. "I felt like I was one with every other person in the world who found that out the same day, because I was like 'wait, have I been saying it wrong?'" So clearly, we weren't the only ones confused.

Fallon also asked about that iconic phone case from the show, which Collins confirmed actually belonged to Patricia Field, the costume designer from the show. Referring to it as "Emily's tutu", akin to Carrie Bradshaw's actual tutu from Sex And The City, the phone case decidedly became Emily's thing. We must admit, we're here for it.