Archie Is on a Mission to Carry On His Father's Legacy in Riverdale's New Season 4 Trailer

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Like all things in Riverdale, senior year is going to be an emotional ride for the gang of teens. On Oct. 6, the CW dropped a new trailer for the fourth season, teasing a heartbreaking fate for Fred Andrews following the death of Luke Perry in March. The clip, which premiered at New York Comic-Con, shows Archie mourning the loss of his father after receiving a cryptic phone call. It doesn't reveal what happens to Fred yet, but Archie seems determined to maintain his dad's legacy as he ventures to turn his boxing gym into a community center. Meanwhile, Hiram Lodge is scheming, Jughead enrolls at a new school, and Betty is trying to make sense of her mom's work with the FBI.

In September, the CW dropped the initial trailer, which is also packed with a lot in a short bit of time. There's the return of Varchie, looking fresh-faced and in love as they haven't been in a long while, and of course Bughead is as loved up as ever. But, despite the sweet beginnings of the clip, something dark is always lurking on Riverdale.

We see the whole town out looking for Jughead — who was notably missing in the flash-forward to Spring semester from season three — and the back of Betty's head meeting the butt of a mysterious someone's rifle. Considering how often Bughead gets caught up in the more outrageous parts of Riverdale, we aren't that shocked that they seem to be in the most danger. But then we catch what seems to be our precious Juggie being trapped in a coffin, buried alive. Who would have done such a thing, and could this have to do with him digging up Jason's coffin last season? And where is Kevin in all of this??

We have so many more questions, but we won't be getting any answers until season four premieres on Oct. 9. Get ready folks, senior year is coming and it's bound to be a wild one. Like Veronica said, "Life as we know it will be over."

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