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Books to Read If You Love Star Wars

Star Wars Films May Be on a Hiatus, but These 15 Books Will Hold You Over

Books to Read If You Love Star Wars
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The Skywalker Saga is complete. Baby Yoda and Papa Mando are off on a father-son space adventure until season two of The Mandalorian premieres in November. If you are in need of a Star Wars fix in the meantime, there is a galaxy's worth of books that'll stoke your Star Wars flame until your favorite (or new favorite) characters return to the screen.

Some of these books take a deep dive into the history of Star Wars, while others give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the iconic films were made. Some may even give you a glimpse into the rumored future of Star Wars (ahem, Dr. Aphra, ahem). Wherever you land on the spectrum of Star Wars fandom, you're sure to find something that will keep the Force flowing strong until you next visit a galaxy far, far away.

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