I Didn't Expect to Like The Princess Switch Sequel So Much, but Damn, I Think I Love It

Listen, I know I already said that I'm not a holiday person, but Netflix keeps making these perfect combinations of holiday movies and delightful comedies that I can't resist! The first installment of The Princess Switch was memorable for being the cheesiest of cheesy rom-coms, but the sequel is actually pretty damn good. And not even in a "so bad it's good" way! Vanessa Hudgens leaned into the ridiculous while playing three royal look-alikes, but in the best way possible. She has found her niche, and if she wants to keep pulling out these Netflix rom-coms, I am fully prepared to watch every single one! (That said, I think we can officially end this particular series with the upcoming threequel.) Keep reading to follow along as I journeyed back to Montenaro and caught up with Princess Stacey, soon-to-be Queen Margaret, and the wily newcomer, Fiona.


  • Who told Netflix that I love an animated recap!? Already starting with something cute, SMH.
  • She says happily ever after isn't easy for princesses, but I would be happy to try it.
  • Okay, Prince Edward! He's very handsome in that clean-cut, Prince Philip kind of way.
  • I feel like it's low-key cheating for the winner to make a cake that Stacy would be partial to, but maybe that's more like smart planning.
  • Stacy is worried about Margaret and Kevin while Edward is trying to get his husbandly duties on! I'm going to need them to get on the same page.
  • Prince Edward does not give a damn about your friends' romance troubles, Stacy! He wants to make a little royal!!!!
  • Oh, even I'm feeling Edward's pain. She really said, "BYE BABE," and went to book her flight.

  • "You look . . . comfortable." Okay, Stacy, are you a princess or my mom?
  • Who do I send a letter to about this cat-owner slander? Owning multiple cats is not a sign of sadness! No one says these things to dog owners!!
  • Stacy needs to get out of grown folks' business and focus on her own marriage. Her man is starving!
  • Kevin doesn't look that bad. We all look like that in quarantine.
  • See, you have kids and they just start spreading your business to everyone and their mother.
  • They broke up six months ago!? Okay, siding with the ladies on this one now. Kevin should at least be wearing real pants by now.
  • If I didn't already know they were hoping to get Kevin and Margaret back together, I would note that it's incredibly rude to force someone to confront their ex before they're ready.

  • I forgot that the first movie was set in Belgravia, not Montenaro. So, we've actually never seen Margaret's home!
  • I will never not find Vanessa's "proper lady" mannerisms hilarious. They're so extra.
  • Okay, seeing Kevin all cleaned up is a definite improvement. That man is too fine to be playing like that!
  • Oh, if there's anything I love, it's a decorating montage.
  • Not Kevin in this lush, cable-knit sweater! That is Knives Out levels of too much for my delicate senses!
  • I hope this entire film is backed by Kelly Clarkson's Wrapped in Red album. I would rewatch just for that.
  • The way they're pulling out these longing glances should honestly be illegal. How much can two people look at each other throughout the day before you're just compelled to push their faces together for a "kith?"

  • Not them trying to convince us that they did all that work in one day! I've seen every show on HGTV at least once, I know it takes more than that.
  • Olivia is such a little schemer, I adore her.
  • Margaret is really wearing that red dress, snaps for the costume designer!
  • I know this is a cute moment, but THE SWEATER!! Ruining that magnificent piece of clothing is an act against every deity.
  • God, Antonio, please read the room. They were busy!
  • I don't trust Antonio's severe side part. He looks like The Crown's Prince Charles and I don't like it!
  • Stacy, girl. Hasn't being a princess taught you any skills in lying?!
  • I take it back, I respect how terrible Stacy is at wingwomaning. She just wants these crazy kids to get together and is barreling through with awkward questions to figure out how to do that!

  • Okay, Stacy, this is the kind of attention Prince Edward is looking for! Tell him he's pretty and the only prince for you, he'll be set for the rest of the movie.
  • I think we all can agree that Kevin is "better" in that tuxedo. It's velvet, y'all. Velvet!
  • Margaret's dress is very much a Hayley Paige Bridal moment, and I'm 100 percent here for it.
  • OMG Antonio, please let this woman breathe!
  • I wish y'all could hear the way I squealed at Kevin coming in with the commoner's interruption because he knows Margaret isn't for all that stuffy mess. He said, "Let's shake a tailfeather, boo!"
  • Not them getting me excited for a dance break à la A Knight's Tale and giving me this awkward waltz!
  • Kevin's voice has no right to be that smooth in any film. Whew, where is a fan when you need it.
  • Vanessa is living her whole life as Fiona and I refuse to hear otherwise!
  • I don't know if the terrible wig is a deliberate choice or evidence that Netflix's wig budget is terrible all across the board and not just for the Black actresses. Either way, it works for Fiona!
  • SOMEONE SAID SPOOPY!! I feel seen.

  • Fiona is now my favorite lookalike just for asking if Stacy and Margaret have switched places after the former got hitched. We love a swing reference!
  • Not Fiona being broke! A penniless legend.
  • Scammers and thieves!
  • We're never going to talk about the dentures, but someone should absolutely explain the dentures.
  • If only they knew how valuable that double-ply would be in a few months.
  • Okay, back to Margaret and Mr. Fine. That's the first and last time I'll refer to him as such, but I just had to reiterate — this man is fine.
  • ANTONIO IS A WHOLE LIAR, arrest him for treason, I'm sick. Ruining their date to shoot his shot!?
  • "Queen of my heart!?" You just got here Antonio, don't come here with this!!
  • When he says "lately" he means when he saw that fine baker with the beard and salt-and-pepper curls come through. Because "everyone says" we'd be a good couple is not the romantic proposition he thinks it is.

  • I'm with Stacy's pushy self, Kevin is the catch here!
  • When Margaret says "so much effort," she seems to just mean being able to have a conversation without being interrupted. It would help if she finally told people to let her finish talking with the man!
  • No, Antonio did not call Kevin in for "the talk!" The sheer audacity.
  • Not him working his classist machinations on Kevin! He's a good man with a big heart, let him romance that soon-to-be queen!!
  • The plan sounds so simple for two women literally switching places when they're both rulers of different countries. No big deal, aside from the dire consequences if something goes awry.
  • NO! Why wouldn't you tell Edward?! Few hours or not, he should know if his wife is his wife or not!!
  • And, of course, she runs into Edward during the schemes. This poor man just wants to hang out with his wife, but she's busy scheming.

  • Is Stacy not rich before becoming queen? Why does Fiona have to wait for the coronation before transferring money out? Is this a smart question? I don't know, but I'm buying the drama!
  • Not them using a regular picture of Vanessa as Fiona's "Ariana Grande phase!"
  • I'm not going to lie, readers, I didn't even realize that was the two-ply toilet paper wrapped up at first.
  • Edward is totally the kind of guy who is too polite to tell someone to go away and would just spill all the tea.
  • I can't tell if he's disturbed or low-key intrigued by Fiona and that is undoubtedly a feeling she'd be familiar with.
  • I still find Edward endearing, but the way he eats a hard-boiled egg means we'll never be together.
  • Not everyone lying to this man! He's just trying to spend time with his wife, let him in on the plan!
  • If it weren't for the hairstyles, I would immediately lose track of who's who. It also helps that Mindy and Reggie are utterly ridiculous.
  • The exchange of accessories shows how thoroughly these women have planned this switch. Even the phone cases! Which are also color-coordinated!

  • Does Stacy think Margaret is an idiot? Why would she think "a stroll a day keeps the bad weather away" is something she would say!?
  • I know this is Edward pouring out his heart, but all I can focus on is the shadow of his shaven facial hair and I'm sad at the tease of what could have been.
  • Everyone is made over, which means it's time for private time between Kevin and Margaret! I'm happy these crazy kids have figured it out, they're too cute to stay mad at each other.
  • This is the clumsiest kidnapping I've ever seen.
  • "Oxford green!!!!"
  • "I'm colorblind!!" Put these quotes in the Lourve.
  • Ooop, Fiona's face realizing that she's playing the wrong lookalike is hilarious.
  • OMG, I f*cking love this twist! Fiona is so quick on her feet. This is so good! Who would even believe a princess over the queen!?

  • Now wait a minute. Fiona has a big ole tattoo on her pinky! You're telling me no one is going to notice that?!
  • I feel like Edward changed his part and I don't like it. He's still cute, though.
  • Not Fiona firing people! She's supposed to make this a quick in-and-out job, not go about making staffing changes!
  • I would totally be trying on crowns if I were Fiona, that's a whole vibe.
  • This is honestly so rude, Kevin does not deserve this stress! Let this man be fine and happy in love!
  • Poor Olivia is confused as hell. Did no one text Kevin to tell him what was going on!?
  • Oh, this guy again!
  • They figured that out pretty quickly, proud of them.
  • Here goes Antonio again.
  • He noticed the tattoo! I swore it was on the other hand, but still he noticed!
  • Oh, of course, Antonio is evil! I told y'all, the severe part never lies!!
  • YES, STACY! That is how you escape a kidnapping! She got the distraction, took off her shoes, made it hard for them to follow her — a pro at escaping, truly.
  • Edward really thought he was going to break that door, that's cute.
  • Fiona, you can't even remember the names?! Girl, that is the very basics of scheming.

  • Ooop, all the lookalikes have gathered together!
  • Imagine if your queen was regularly switching places with people like this? I would have to call for a change in monarchs.
  • Not Antonio trying to act like he wasn't about to throw Margaret in jail! Go home, old boy!
  • If I was one of those guards I would be so confused about who to arrest.
  • I know she's a scammer, but Fiona is still my favorite lookalike. Who else has the balls to convince people to let her off easy for treason!?
  • This airport scene is very chaotic, romantic, and a mess. I love it. Tag yourself, I'm the priest who was definitely dipping in some airport spirits before their flight!
  • Stacy is such a rude American, I heart her.
  • KEVIN HAD THE RING IN HIS POCKET! And they're married! The priest hopefully made his flight or the newlyweds owe him some money!
  • I'm glad Stacy properly explained herself, those two needed a minute.
  • OMG, it's Amber and Richard from A Christmas Prince! THE WORLDS HAVE COLLIDED!!!!!
  • Ugh, I love seeing powerful women get their due. Giving me tingles.
  • Yes, Queen Margaret Delacourt, you better kiss your fine-ass consort!!!!
  • Dammit. I'm gonna have to watch that again. You got me, Netflix, you got me! I'll be here, same time next year, for number three.