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An Unfiltered Review of The Princess Switch: Switched Again

I Didn't Expect to Like The Princess Switch Sequel So Much, but Damn, I Think I Love It

I'm with Stacy's pushy self, Kevin is the catch here!When Margaret says "so much effort," she seems to just mean being able to have a conversation without being interrupted. It would help if she finally told people to let her finish talking with the man!No, Antonio did not call Kevin in for "the talk!" The sheer audacity.Not him working his classist machinations on Kevin! He's a good man with a big heart, let him romance that soon-to-be queen!!The plan sounds so simple for two women literally switching places when they're both rulers of different countries. No big deal, aside from the dire consequences if something goes awry.NO! Why wouldn't you tell Edward?! Few hours or not, he should know if his wife is his wife or not!!And, of course, she runs into Edward during the schemes. This poor man just wants to hang out with his wife, but she's busy scheming.
Image Source: Netflix

Listen, I know I already said that I'm not a holiday person, but Netflix keeps making these perfect combinations of holiday movies and delightful comedies that I can't resist! The first installment of The Princess Switch was memorable for being the cheesiest of cheesy rom-coms, but the sequel is actually pretty damn good. And not even in a "so bad it's good" way! Vanessa Hudgens leaned into the ridiculous while playing three royal look-alikes, but in the best way possible. She has found her niche, and if she wants to keep pulling out these Netflix rom-coms, I am fully prepared to watch every single one! (That said, I think we can officially end this particular series with the upcoming threequel.) Keep reading to follow along as I journeyed back to Montenaro and caught up with Princess Stacey, soon-to-be Queen Margaret, and the wily newcomer, Fiona.

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