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What Is WandaVision About? Theories

11 WandaVision Fan Theories That Could Change the Course of the MCU

Mephisto Is Controlling Wanda's New Reality
Image Source: Disney

A few episodes into Marvel's WandaVision and it might seem like the series is meant to do nothing but confuse viewers. Every episode brings more questions than answers, but in true Marvel fashion, they also feature a bevy of possible clues. Is there more than meets the eye behind the town of WestView? Most definitely! Is Vision's miraculous resurrection a sign of concern? Absolutely. And should we be worried about Agnes's mysterious husband, Ralph? You'd be oblivious if you weren't!

While we won't have any real answers until the final episode airs in March (maybe not even then), that hasn't stopped us from coming up with as many incredible ideas about our favorite characters — alive, just born, or dead — as possible. There's alternate worlds! Heartbreak and trauma! Possible cameos from past favorites! Maybe even the birth of all mutant-kind! Sound like something you'd be into? Read on for some of the amazing predictions on where WandaVision could be taking us over the next few episodes.

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