Diana and Cheetah Have a Fierce Face-Off in the New Trailer For Wonder Woman 1984

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"Nothing good is born from lies and greatness is not what you think."

It's been a while since we've seen Diana in all her glory. The main trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is here, and it looks like the Amazon warrior princess has done some growing up. In the follow-up to 2017's Wonder Woman, Diana is not only older and wiser to the wicked ways of the human world, but she's a seasoned defender of Earth who's about to go up against some notorious comic villains. Not only do we get glimpses of Kristen Wiig's fully transformed Cheetah — an archaeologist who is imbued with the powers of a cheetah god — and Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, but we're also reunited with the one and only Steve Trevor!

The trailer doesn't reveal exactly how Steve's still around (if anything, it leaves us with more questions), but it shows us that Diana is going to have him around to take on the dastardly schemes of Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. Watch the action-packed trailer above and brace yourself — we have a long way to go before Wonder Woman 1984 arrives on Oct. 2.