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Pink Shamed For Not Putting Helmet on Baby

See If You Can Guess Why Pink's Husband Was Dad-Shamed in This Video

Pink has been mommy-shamed for just about everything — for sitting her pregnant body in the vicinity of a microwave, for forgetting her son's age, for drinking coffee, for cooking while baby-wearing. It's seemingly hard for her to wake up and get out of bed without offending someone.

Turns out, her husband doesn't have it much better. Yesterday, Carey Hart took to Instagram to post the most adorable video of his son, Jameson, "getting in a skate session." The short clip showed 10-month-old Jameson sitting contently on a skateboard, followed by the gentlest of pushes from his doting dad.

Can you guess what riled up the haters?

Watch it one more time.

See it now?

No, it's not little Jameson's incredible, pinchable belly in that bare midriff (we all know chunky babies are instant crowd-pleasers . . . unless they are, you know too chunky). It's not the way his hat is tied (is that a self-releasing knot?!) or his lack of socks (he'll catch a cold!).

It was the fact that Jameson, who was moving roughly 0.005 miles per hour within an arm's reach of his father — who happens to be a former professional motocross racer — and sitting five inches from the ground, wasn't wearing a helmet.


"Excuse me, WHERE IS HIS HELMET?" one posted. "Come on Carey put some kind of helmet on the kid!" another wrote.

Thankfully, for every negative comment, there were a good dozen coming to his (and every trying-their-best parents') defense:

big_earl: Here comes the helmet police in 3-2-1....

dntgivash*t: Awesome parenting right here @hartluck and @pink no need for a helmet when the parents are watching the child a foot all this bubble wrap sh*t is turning our kids into ppl like that weak little sheep ...gtfoh parent control stop trying to keyboard raise everyone's kids

restoredwithlove: He travelled around a foot!!!! I'm guessing he should wear a helmet at all time if he was yours???

karen_stout7: My little grandson was riding a bike at 2 with no training wheels! Plus when we were kids my brother and I would ride 4 wheelers with no helmets. Not saying it's the best choice. Lol. But we survived. We rode in the back of pick up trucks too. Go figure.

nic_nicblake: The belly but @hartluck where is the helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and soft safety flooring?! ;)

We'd tell Carey and Pink not to sweat it, but we're pretty sure they aren't. I mean, they survived the Instagram fallout after they let their helmetless daughter ride her bike naked in their living room (rampant child neglect!), so they can handle just about anything.

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