Get the Whole Family Moving With These Disney-Inspired Workout Videos

Getting your kids off the couch and moving just got a lot more magical thanks to Disney Family! They've made some really fun exercise videos themed after some of the most beloved Disney films, like Peter Pan, Moana, The Incredibles, and The Lion King. The videos run an average of 10 minutes and feature iconic clips from the movies, like Moana hoisting her sails and Rafiki raising up baby Simba.

These videos are great for smaller kids who are able to follow along with a video but maybe aren't big enough to do a full workout class with mom or dad. All of the stretches and exercises are done with kids in mind, so they are relatively easy. Click through to see all of the videos and get moving with Disney Family.

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Mulan Family Workout Video

Be as fierce as Mulan when you follow along with this workout video. The central themes are strength and discipline, both of which are needed to be a strong warrior.

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Moana Family Workout Video

Consider yourself a master wayfinder after completing this Moana-inspired workout. You'll be pulling the sheets and rowing your raft to get to the finish line.

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The Incredibles Family Workout Video

Be as strong as Mr. Incredible or as flexible as Elastigirl from The Incredibles after doing this workout! No arch nemesis will stand a chance against your family.

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The Lion King Family Workout Video

Feel as calm as Rafiki or move like Simba across the savanna with this workout inspired by The Lion King. It will have your whole family singing "Hakuna Matata."

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Peter Pan Family Workout Video

Sprinkle pixie dust and learn to fly to Neverland with this Peter Pan-inspired workout! Your family might even learn how to ward off Captain Hook and his band of pirates.

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The Jungle Book Family Workout Video

This Jungle Book workout is going to let out your family's wild side as they act like animal friends from the classic movie, including Baloo the bear and King Louie the orangutan. This class will have your kids feeling just like Mowgli in the jungle.