18 Movie-Themed Halloween Parties Your Kids Will Love

Halloween is a day all about possibilities, especially for enthusiastic little kids. They can transform into their favorite super hero, animal, TV character, or food and gather a whole bucket full of their favorite candy. And while their costume possibilities are endless, so are the themes for a wickedly fun Halloween party. You definitely don't have to make things scary, since a good Halloween party just has to be fun and creative. If your child is a huge movie buff and you want to do more than just decorate with orange and black, why not let your kid and their friends step into their favorite film for an afternoon? These 18 movie-themed parties are not only fun for the whole family, but are a great way for your little one to have even more fun in their costumes.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

If there was ever a Disney movie that was perfect to recreate for a Halloween party, it's definitely this one. You can just reuse items you already have at home by whipping out some of your old Christmas decorations and adding fake spiders and artificial cobwebs to make them a bit spookier. And if you're feeling extra crafty, recreate the films characters by painting them on pumpkins.


Pirates of the Caribbean

With five films and a theme park ride to draw inspiration from, this Halloween party theme is a great excuse to buy skeletons and costume jewelry. Go heavy on the white skull and crossbones to make the decor even more pirate-y, and hand out chocolate coin "dubloons" to your guests.



If you and the kids are dog-lovers, this might be the perfect Halloween theme for you. Keep decorations simple with a white and black color scheme just like the movie.


Monsters, Inc.

If you love decorating pumpkins, this is a really simple theme to complete. Paint your gourds the colors of the film's main characters, add some of their key facial characteristics, and voila, you're done. Take old cans and paint them like the batteries the monsters use to store energy for some more decor.


Hotel Transylvania

This adorable movie has elements of a handful of other famous monster movies, so you have a lot to work with here. The key to pulling off a Hotel Transylvania-themed party is to get red tablecloths, candles, fake spiders, and fake bats (of course). And if you want to get people moving, play some of the fun songs from the movie's soundtrack for a dance party.


It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

This Halloween classic is an oldie but goodie. It's easy enough to recreate the main characters by painting their faces on pumpkins, but the key with pulling off this party is to have a "great pumpkin." Odds are you won't be able to find a big one, but that's nothing a pair of scissors and some orange paper can't fix.


Hocus Pocus

This 1996 classic is not only all about Halloween, but family and friendship as well. With three awesome witches as the main antagonists, it's no surprise that your decor should be witchy too.


Alice in Wonderland

Specifically inspired by the Mad Hatter character in Alice in Wonderland, this Halloween party theme is mostly about the snacks. Serve all kinds of pastries and sweet treats along with tea, just make them spooky with food coloring and fake bugs. Don't forget to decorate your pumpkins to look like faces so everyone knows what happens if the queen yells "Off with their heads!"


The Little Vampire

If you have any (wannabe) bloodsuckers on your hands, this is a great Halloween theme to whip out. Make a coffin out of cardboard and black paint, then decorate the rest of your space with red drapes and cobwebs. This scary cherry punch looks just like blood and can be made kid-friendly by removing the white wine (or just keep your own batch out of reach). Serve in glasses with strawberry syrup as "drops of blood."


Star Wars

Forget ghosts — be a jedi instead! Set up twinkly lights to look like the stars and decorate your pumpkins like some of the film's characters. You can also use pretzel sticks for lightsabers snacks, and definitely play the infamous soundtrack in the background.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Who says Mickey and Minnie can't party on Halloween? Decorate your house with the iconic ears with a spooky twist (which can be made easily with a pair of scissors and black paper) on things like spiders, pumpkins, and even your food.



The film itself might be a bit too spooky for younger children, but the theme is loads of fun. Paint pieces of cardboard with black and white pinstripes and tape them to your walls for an easy decor hack.And try making these spooky snacks to kill your guests' hunger.


The Corpse Bride

For this theme, the key is to decorate the space in accordance to the movie's art-style, which means creepy-looking trees and exaggerated features with anything else. Since it's based around a wedding, don't be afraid to bring out some cake.



With giant ghosts and bright green goo, this film is great to recreate for your kids for Halloween. Feel free to let your guests DIY their own slime, and serve bright green jello for a snack. Make your own Ghostbusters logo and stick it onto a wall so guests know exactly who to call.


The Addams Family

Another Halloween mainstay, an Addams Family party is all about the creepiness. Add dark details all over your home, and make sure you have your very own graveyard out front.


Howl's Moving Castle

Make your own Mr. Turnip Head with a white pumpkin and a pair of long branches, which is perfect for standing inside or outside your front door. Decorate the party with potion vials and cauldrons with bubbling liquid.


Harry Potter

There's no better way to get in the Halloween spirit than by pretending you're at Hogwarts. Besides being able to dress up like their favorite wizard or witch, your kids will also be able to try classic dishes from the Harry Potter series, like pumpkin juice or treacle tart.


The Witches

This movie is guaranteed to make your kids scared of witches, so don't worry if the party decor gets a bit spooky. Make classic witch treats like caramel apples or witches brew (punch) to set the mood. Don't forget the hats!