If Anything Can Make Jimmy Fallon's Wife Laugh, It's When Their 5-Year-Old Gives Zero Effs

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The Tonight Show: At Home Edition has quickly become a highlight of my week, thanks in large part to Jimmy Fallon's wife (and camerawoman), Nancy Juvonen, and their two daughters, 6-year-old Winne and 5-year-old Franny. Although Jimmy is filming the popular late-night show in their (awesome) home, the kids could not care less about their dad's celebrity status — especially Franny.

During a recent episode, the girls helped out with Jimmy's "Thank You Notes" segment. Winnie was tasked with holding up visual aids, while Franny was meant to control the music. Turns out, there's a "Boo" function on their keyboard, and when that got boring she took the slide (!) upstairs to bang on pots and pans. It takes a lot to get Nancy to chuckle during these episodes, but she definitely let her laughs loose when Franny did her own thing. Watch the clip ahead to see Franny steal the show, and then check out the full episode with Tina Fey above.

Franny, can we have some Thank You Note writing music... https://t.co/nvwSPUB3Ny #FallonAtHome pic.twitter.com/AP7zPHY9GD

— The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight) March 28, 2020