We Didn't Know How Much We Missed Max Greenfield and Lilly's Homeschool Updates Until This New One

We didn't know how much we missed Max Greenfield and his 10-year-old daughter Lilly's homeschooling videos until their most recent update. In a post on Dec. 23, Max shared two videos to Instagram, captioned, "How it started ➡️ How it's going," and both clips are exactly what you'd expect from this hilarious duo.

In the first video, Max — who also has a 5-year-old son named Ozzie — asks their Amazon Alexa to "start homeschool." She spits off an inspirational quote or two, and the smiling pair high five each other, excited to take on at-home learning. In the second clip, a clearly exhausted Max asks Alexa who Lewis and Clark are, and both he and Lilly appear more and more disinterested as Alexa drolls on about the famed explorers.

Following the end of a full-on paragraph of information from Wikipedia, Alexa stops, and Max deeply sighs, taps Lilly on the shoulder, and says simply, "Write that down."


"It's been a school year filled with unexpected challenges," Max wrote, and dang, you could say that again. Happy to have you back in peak homeschooling form, Max and Lilly!