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The Best Meditation and Relaxation Apps For Kids 2021

11 Meditation Apps For Kids That Will Help Them Process Emotions and Stay Calm

The Best Meditation and Relaxation Apps For Kids 2021
Image Source: / Jyotirmoy Gupta

School — and all that comes with it, including homework, extracurriculars, testing, and more — can be stressful and overwhelming in the best of times. With kids heading back to the classroom amid a global pandemic and after a school year consisting of remote or hybrid learning for most, helping children manage their emotions and anxieties as they ease back into some semblance of a normal routine will be critical. Although both adults and children can benefit from practicing meditation at any time, now more than ever, being able to process feelings and destress will be paramount for our kids' mental health.

While your family adjusts to whatever changes it may be going through as the new school year begins, turn to one of the below apps for kids that contain mindfulness activities, guided meditations, and more to help them regulate their emotions, stay calm under pressure, and get to sleep a little easier each night.

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