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Peanut's Inclusive Mother's Day Video

This Inclusive Mother's Day Video Gives a Shout-Out to All the "Could Be" Moms Out There

Everyone's journey to motherhood is different. And for women who are struggling with fertility issues, the road can be both emotionally and physically painful. This Mother's Day, the creators of Peanut — a social app that connects moms to each other — released a powerful video called "The Meaning of Mother's Day" that spotlights women from all walks of life who are trying to start their families.

The emotional clip acknowledges how Mother's Day can feel to those who are trying to conceive, illustrating the exhaustion of hormone injections, constant doctor's appointments, and devastating miscarriages. It also gives a shout-out to moms with various experiences, whether they're single parents, could-be moms, or mixed-ability moms, and yes, it's touching.

Watch until the end to see how motherhood looks to other families this Mother's Day, and be sure to have a Kleenex or two nearby!

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