ASOS Models Are Shooting Clothes From Home, and the Product Pics Feel So Real

Courtesy of ASOS
Courtesy of ASOS
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ASOS has enlisted its staff, models, and brand ambassadors to shoot product from inside their own homes. As new collections are released, ASOS wants to offer more of a visual for customers than clothes on a plain white background. Shoppers who are familiar with ASOS have come to expect the online retailer's signature modeling videos on the page, which highlight the way certain fabrics move and look in the light. But as we continue to social distance without the option of going into a studio, ASOS is brainstorming many ways to restrategize its approach to e-commerce, and this is a step in the right direction.

In fact, after talking to Olivia Smith and Lotte Williams, who are both ASOS Insiders participating in this new "Models at Home" initiative, I decided I might even prefer the outfit selfie shots to something more professional. It's nice to see how women choose to pare down their clothes in their own natural spaces, and I'm loving some of the options that have been selected for use on the site.

Of course, I had questions for Olivia and Lotte, not only about what it's like to work from home and stage these daily photo shoots for ASOS but about their own unique processes. I was sure they must have picked up a few #ootd selfie tips. Luckily, both women were willing to share plenty with me. Ahead, they break down everything to know about their prep work and how often they shoot new product to suggestions about lighting, poses, and equipment. Read ahead to get the scoop, then see a few of my favorite "Models at Home" examples on the ASOS site.

How Do You Work From Home as an ASOS Model?
ASOS | Olivia Smith

How Do You Work From Home as an ASOS Model?

How Often Do You Shoot Product?

Both Olivia and Lotte agree that if the weather is nice and the lighting is right, they feel happy and confident enough to shoot. Olivia says she'll try to shoot at least one product a day and make the most of it, in that case.

How Long Does It Take to Shoot?

About 30 to 90 minutes to set up and get the shot for one item.

How Do You Prepare?

While Olivia maintains that she likes a natural beauty look and prepares with little more than moisturizer and a lip balm — for her it's really about setting up the space, which can take about 30 minutes — Lotte just gets ready as if it's a normal day, adjusting hair and makeup depending on the product she's shooting.

Are You Limited to Certain Backgrounds?

Nope! ASOS prefers for the background to be minimal and tidy, but the company knows its models are working within small spaces. Olivia prefers to shoot in her garden and living room, and Lotte likes to be near a window for lighting purposes.

What Are Some Photo-Shoot Tips You've Learned?
ASOS | Lotte Williams

What Are Some Photo-Shoot Tips You've Learned?

What's the Best Time of Day to Shoot Your Outfit?

Both Lotte and Olivia agree that it's almost impossible to shoot without natural daylight, and that golden hour (from 4 to 6 p.m.) is your best bet.

Do You Think It's Necessary to Use Equipment?

Olivia doesn't use any gadgets at all, aside from her 10-second self-timer, but Lotte suggests that a good ring light can be a big help.

Any Tips For Angles or Poses?

It's truly all about the angle. Olivia suggests using a chair to prop your phone up to the right height. Then go ahead and snap a bunch of photos in all different poses, so you can have fun choosing your favorite at the end. Lotte says you'll learn which pose works best with time and practice but thinks mirror selfies are hands down the easiest.